Free Speech is dead in America, as yet another conservative influencer and voice has been suspended by the Twitter overlords and big tech tyrants.

Our own founder of The DC Patriot, Matt Couch was suspended for sharing an article and show of Jeff Dornik’s Freedom First Network, about the opinion of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. You can find the article here.

It is yet another attempt by the big tech tyrants and pharmaceutical corporations in America to control the narrative, silence free speech, and cancel anyone that doesn’t agree with getting the experimental jab. It’s disgusting, and it shouldn’t be allowed. We can’t wait for Truth Social!

So sharing an article that Twitter fact checkers don’t agree with, even though it’s factual is now enough to suspend an account? This is absolutely ludicrous America. They are silencing those that refuse to bow down to them, and it must stop.

You can find Matt Couch on the following platforms.

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3 thoughts on “Twitter Suspends Account of Matt Couch for Sharing Article on Dr’s Advice on Covid-19”
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