The tyrannical folks behind the Biden Regime are at it again, this time trying to say that the United States Constitution is going against the interest of public health.

After the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals over the weekend blocked and said it will continue to block the Biden administrations mandate requiring all private businesses with 100 or more workers to require Covid-19 vaccines or weekly testing.

“I think it would be a setback for public health,” Murthy said. “What we know very clearly is that when people get vaccinated – and the more people who get vaccinated the quicker we’re able to bring this pandemic to an end — the more lives that we can ultimately save.”

The tyrannical buffoon went on to say that vaccine requirements and mandates “work remarkably well,” and that some businesses were going ahead without a mandate and requiring employees to immunized.

Murthy also addressed the possibility of a winter spike in COVID-19 cases. He said that while numbers are lower than what they were at the height of the delta variant, people staying indoors during cooler months “increases the possibility that there will be spread.”

Still, Murthy said, Americans are better off now than during previous spikes because they have access to both vaccines and other treatments.

Finally, Murthy was asked about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who drew ire for implying that he had been vaccinated, then admitting that he wasn’t vaccinated after he tested positive for COVID-19. Murthy delivered remarks directed toward Rodgers, who defended his decision not to get vaccinated, noting that while freedom is “extraordinarily important,” there is a societal duty to get immunized.

“[K]eep in mind we are a community of 300 million people. We are not sole individuals entirely on our own,”  Murthy told Fox’s Chris Wallace. “In any community sometimes our decisions do affect other people. It’s why, Chris, we have speed limits on highways because we know our decision about how fast we drive affects the safety of others. When it comes to getting vaccinated, we know the people who are unvaccinated are at high risk of getting sick and spreading it to others.”

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One thought on “TYRANTS: Biden Surgeon General Says Court Ruling Against Vaccine Mandate ‘Would Be a Setback for Public Health’”
  1. “……there is a societal duty to get immunized.” No Murthy–there is a societal duty, there is an ethical duty, there is a moral duty to be honest and transparent. You struck out–three strikes against you, YOU’RE OUT!

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