An emotional Kyle Rittenhouse took the stand on Wednesday, as Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder hammered the prosecutions sham trial even further, as well as the conduct of the prosecutors in an emotional day for all involved.

Kyle Rittenhouse began sobbing uncontrollably while testifying at his own trail Wednesday morning. The Illinois teenager became so emotional that Kenosha County Circuit Court Judge Bruce Schroeder decided to call a short break to let the defendant gather his emotions.

As Rittenhouse was describing the moments before firing shots that killed Joseph Rosenbaum the night of Aug 25, 2020, the emotional breakdown occurred.

Rittenhouse is facing multiple felony murder charges for fatally shooting tow men and wounding another during Black Lives Matter riots that burned the City of Kenosha, Wisconsin for days, last summer.

On Wednesday, Rittenhouse argued that he was present at the riots only to help people, not to seek violence.

Upon returning from the short break, Rittenhouse gathering himself resumed his retelling of events, informing the jury that he heard another individual, identified as Joshua Ziminksi, tell Rosenbaum to “get him and kill him,”

Rittenhouse testified that the was being chased by Rosenbaum, who soon caught up to him, and at one point, according to Rittenhouse,” put his hand on the barrel of my gun.”

He then testified that he heard a gunshot go off behind him and the Rosenbaum lunged at him, prompting him to fire the gun four times.

Rittenhouse had recalled earlier in his testimony that at two previous points during the night of Aug 25, Rosenbaum had threatened to kill him.

After firing the shots, Rittenhouse testified that he briefly attempted to treat Rosenbaum’s woulds but was forced to flea as a “mob” pursued him. As he allegedly ran to turn himself into police, he said, “The next thing I remember is Anthony Huber striking me in the head with a skateboard.”

Soon after Rittenhouse said he fell while running away from the crowd. While on his back, someone allegedly kicked him in the head and Humber proceeded to hit him a second time with a skateboard and attempted to take his gun, at which point Rittenhouse said he fired one shot.

Moments later, Rittenhouse recalled that Gaige Grosskreutz lunged at him with his pistol drawn, prompting the defendant to fire at Grosskreutz, striking him in the arm. Grosskreutz, who survived the gunshot, testified on Monday that he pointed the gun at Rittenhouse before Rittenhouse fired at him. Grosskreutz’s testimony was damning to the prosecutions case.

Video of the footage incidents seen by the public backs up Rittenhouse’s testimony. His legal team argued that their clients actions that night, though tragic, were taken in self-defense.

We’ll have an update with the prosecutions cross examination of Rittenhouse soon here at The DC Patriot.

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