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Two Fox News hosts, Greg Gutfeld​ and Jesse Watters criticized President Joe Biden’s administration over late-night flights transporting illegal immigrants across the country. They both had comments on Fox News’ “The Five’ show that the Biden administration appeared to be hiding the flights from public view by scheduling them to take place at four in the morning.

“Jesse, anything I’m doing at 4:00 in the morning can’t be good,” Gutfeld began,
Watters agreed saying, “That is my point, anybody that does something in secret, they are not proud of that. You’re not proud of that. No one is proud of what you are doing in secret in the middle of the night.”  “Joe know he’s wrong! He knows he’s wrong! He feels guilty about it, that is why he’s hiding this like a coward,” Watters added.

Watters then said, “The Biden administration need to ‘own it’ and come before the American people and make the case for the way they were handling the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Watters continued, “He won’t because he can’t, he knows if people know about this policy, the country will be appaled and that’s why no one besides Fox will report this.”

Watter’s went on to argue that the administration’s failure to properly vet the refugees who were evacuated from Afghanistan ought to give people pause or at least make them question whether they were properly vetting sponsors as illegal immigrants poured across the border.

“You know that these sponsors are vetted? You know these are the real parents? Come on, you don’t know that. This is taxpayer-funded human trafficking, Watters added. “Who are these people they are giving them to? Who are these agencies that are getting these fat federal contract to receive these teenagers? Who are they?

“Vaccine mandates were causing flight cancellations for American citizens who paid for their flights, but Biden was effectively advertising free flights to illegal immigrants,” Watters concluded.

Gutfeld asked, “it’s still Weird, the timing, why does it have to be at 4 a.m.?”

“Why do you think? He’s not even telling the governors he’s doing it. Doesn’t want anybody to know,” Watters replied.

Co-host Katie Pavlich noted, “All the people being transported appeared to have a handler and paperwork.” Adding, “It is a very organized effort and somebody’s getting paid.”

By Julio Cahn

Saving the Republic with one truth bomb at a time!

  1. “Exposing” what we already know is very helpful, Greg and Jesse, but until anyone does anything to stop it…what’s the point? A lot of good zingers playing “gotcha” with Psaki are fun…but do nothing to correct this terrible problem of Democrat deceit and corruption. Beyond corruption, Democrats are an internal enemy that America refuses to address in any other way than verbal sparring and ineffectual adolescent brinksmanship.

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