Former Congressman and now Texas Gubernatorial candidate Allen West is in the news after his wife was arrested last week over suspicion of a DWI. West took to his social media accounts on YouTube and TikTok to demand an apology from the Chief of Police and demand that the officer be fired.

West claims that his wife was mistreated during her arrest and has demanded that the officer be fired, however body cam footage completely disputes West’s story. West accused the officer of being “hostile” and “combative.”

Garcia says that West’s wife Angela did not properly use the breathalyzer(which can be seen on the body cam video) and that he stands behind his officers.

“I saw a professional officer, I saw a courteous officer, regardless of what the lab results show, I believe that she believes there was probably cause that something was impacting her driving.”

West even went as far as to tweet receipts of the dinner his wife had and has demanded that the Chief personally apologize and the officer be fired.


Well the Dallas Chief of Police Eddie Garcia has released the footage, and it’s damning to the story. You can watch the full video yourself, his wife was not mistreated, and the video shows her swerving all over the road, not doing a breathalyzer properly, and seeming like a deer in the headlights when asked questions. She also stopped in the middle of the road while being pulled over in the dash cam video.

West took to the TV cameras last week to demand that charges be dropped against his wife, and it’s a terrible look trying to use his clout like this. If he is doing this now, what’s he going to do if he becomes Governor of Texas?

What are your thoughts America? Does Allen West owe the Dallas Chief fo Police an apology?


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