Teresa Hill, the principal of Walden Grove High School in Arizona, had an entire family arrested for “trespassing” after refusing to allow their child to attend class. The school claimed that their daughter “might have” been exposed to covid using some sort of unexplained tracking, and demanded she quarantine at home for 10 days despite being completely asymptotic and not even being in an at-risk demographic for the disease. Her parents pleaded with the Sahuarita police department that their taxes pay for the school, their daughter is currently enrolled and has a right to be there, and that they were concerned this would just happen again and their child would continue missing school. Ultimately, all 3 were arrested as they proudly stood up for their rights, video below:

To help with their legal fees: https://givesendgo.com/PFP

Sahuarita School District Contact: (520) 625-3502

Teresa Hill Office: (520) 625-3502 Thill@sahuarita.net

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10 thoughts on “Principal Has Entire Family Arrested After Refusing Student to Attend Over Flimsy Covid Concern”
  1. This is absolutely sick. What does the principal think she has done except to teach this student/minor that a false narrative by controlling elite supersedes the law and our rights. My heart is breaking over the insanity and the fact that the establishment is driving us toward Communism.

  2. The principle needs to be BI**H SLAPPED till Hell freezes over. Who made Her lord God almighty ??

  3. Trace tracking!!?? Students spying & telling on other students?? Public watching each other & whom they have contact with, informing on their neighbors, community, family!? This is right out of Hitler’s directives! We as a country are condemned to repeat history, God help us.

  4. So is this schools public or not? If so it is then it’s public property paid for by that families hard earned dollars. The world is upside down and evil is flowing out

  5. the demonrat fake panic over the virus is evil. it’s 99.7% curable/recoverable w/o the vax. stop the march of America into demonrat communism dictatorship!

  6. Funny they fight so hard to put their child into a school that is clearly going to try and indoctrinate her.

    Liberals are there to force idiots to do the right thing. You see, now the parents will do what they should have done in the first place, and find another school.

  7. You all sound incompetent in these comments. I attended this school, and this is purely the regulation that everyone was aware of. A security guard who was loved by all of these students died because of COVID-19 last year. God forbid it was one of you idiots who get your news from this subpar journalist who clearly didn’t learn how to at least make their bias subtle. I didn’t like the principle either, but 10 days of schools won’t ruin the girl’s life bunch of babies.

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