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Another massive lawsuit has been filed against Fox News Network, LLC. by an employee who claims that he was sexually harassed by some of the big names at Fox News.

John Fawcett, 27, who’s a production assistant at the network claims that he was harassed by Judge Andrew Napolitano, and makes other claims against former Trump adviser Larry Kudrow.

The suit goes on to say that Fox News executives were made aware of the treatment, and did nothing about it. If this holds true, it’s extremely alarming.
The statement of facts is even more disturbing. Where it gives a detailed description of what Napolitano allegedly did to the plaintiff in an elevator. The following details are very graphic.

Lou Dobbs, who the plaintiff was working for went to bat for him about the behavior of Judge Napolitano. Could this have been the reason that Lou Dobbs was let from from Fox Business after having the highest rated show on the network?

Dobbs as you can see from the statement below, when to Fox News Executive Vice President Kevin Lord about his staffers treatment and nothing was done about it according to the complaint.

The lawsuit goes on to allege that the actions of the Judge Napolitano have been happening for years. Citing multiple occasions in the past for this type of conduct.

The lawsuit also alleges that Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott is constantly protecting those in the work place that are men. The Complaint drives home the fact that Executive VP Kevin Lord as well as Jay Wallace were aware of Napolitano’s alleged behavior of sexual harassment.

You can read the full complaint below.

What are your thoughts?

By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

10 thoughts on “Lawsuit Filed Against Fox News Network for “New York City Human Rights Law” Violation and Discrimination, “Unwanted Gender-Based Conduct””
  1. This lawsuit shows very clearly how deep the rot goes at Fox News.

    I was already very suspicious of Napolitano, given his negativity towards President Trump, and some of his very biased “judgments”, so his behaviour doesn’t surprise me. I am, however, very disappointed in Larry Kudlow. I thought he was better than that, but it seems that he’s just another elitist who thinks he’s better than everyone else!

    The two women that produced Kudlow’s show sound like sociopathic narcissists, and the fact that Fox News would rather let this young man go than get rid of them, is somewhat puzzling.

    As for the senior management: decent, moral human beings don’t just allow an employee to be treated that way by other staff members, without taking action. So, I can only conclude that they are neither decent nor moral!

    There are some really good people at Fox News and Fox Business, but my sincere hope is that they will move to one of the other independent conservative media organisations that have come to the fore over the last few years, so that they don’t go down with the ship, because after this, without immediate, major changes, Fox News won’t stay afloat much longer, imo. Nor should it!

  2. That little queen is trying to indite two very prominent men who no one is going to believe they are sexual predators, and will more than likely be thrown out of court. Where is the evidence?
    By the way why would that sick little queen run to Lou Dobbs to express his fear of being touched by another man. Is that little queen so small and weak he cannot tell an older man to “fuque off” when his suggestion are a little too intimate. THAT IS NOT HOW MEN ACT, THEY CONFRONT EACH OTHER !!!

  3. VERY INTERESTING. Please keep us informed of the progress of this suit. I do not watch TV, but it my opinion that it is a cesspool and its “news” is completely leftist. We have to rely on Internet sources for news, such ad DC Patriot.

  4. Get ris of all the mentally ill lymp wristers and make America masculine again. No wonder this nation has become weak and sissyfied.

  5. It’s all sad, but it seems like it could be true. I didn’t care much for Napolitano after he made it clear he didn’t care for Trump. It seems that so many who are anti-Trump, either are found out to be corrupt themselves and/or fall and lose their supposed good reputation. Aside from Trump, I am not surprised to hear of this behavior going on yet at FOX. Interesting that they pulled away from supporting Trump and almost set themselves against him and now look at what’s happening. Trump has been a strong supporter of the Jewish people for years. I think there is a special touch from the Lord on his life and those who are attacking him seem to be found out for their own sins, fall from their ivory towers or even die.
    “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.” Luke 8:17 KJV

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