According to the Salt Lake City Attorney, 11 anti-mask protesters who disrupted a Utah school board meeting in May were charged last week.

The protesters were charged with Class B Misdemeanor disorderly conduct and disrupting a public meeting, Fox 13 reported.

Protesters interrupted a Granite District Board of Education meeting on May 4 shouting “No more masks!” forcing the board members to abruptly end the meeting.

Now they’re facing criminal charges and could be hit with a $2,500 fine and spend up to one year in jail.

These protesters are facing jail time for non-violent protest while BLM and Antifa violently attack people without getting arrested. That’s right, BLM and Antifa can burn cities to the ground, but you want to stand up for your rights and take it to school board meetings or city hall, they will arrest you and fine you. Seems logical, right America?

Fox 13 reported:

The South Salt Lake City Attorney filed charges last week against 11 anti-mask protesters who disrupted a Granite District Board of Education meeting in May.

Many of the protesters were part of a group called Utah Parents United that looked to abolish masks in the state’s K-12 schools with just weeks remaining in the school year.

The following people were arrested:

  • Ted Michael Tyler – Taylorsville
  • Scott Randall Sherner – West Valley City
  • Debora Noriko Arai – West Valley City
  • Sophia Anderson – Salt Lake City
  • Angela Kay Van Leeuwen -Salt Lake City
  • Andrea May Jorgensen – Holladay
  • Bernadette Ethel Brockman – Taylorsville
  • Jeremy Kawika Dunyon – West Valley City
  • Kasey Ray Wilson – West Jordan
  • Sara Lea McArthur (also known as Sara McArthur Pierce) – American Fork
  • Kaleb Jeremiah Pierce – American Fork

Officials say a twelfth protester has not yet been identified, but an investigation is ongoing.

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