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Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer of Owasso, Oklahoma is making huge noise in the United States Senate race as he’s just received an endorsement that many thought not possible a few months ago.

In a recent campaign stop last week, and reported first at InsideOwasso.com the newly installed Republican Party Chairman for the State of Oklahoma John Bennett declared that Lahmeyer has his endorsement. A remarkable move from a GOP Chair to endorse a candidate against a Republican incumbent.

Lahmeyer, 30, who pastors the Sheridan Church in Tulsa, has not been shy in calling out Lankford for his stances on the January 6th incident at the United States Capitol, has begun to attract large crowds at his campaign rallies that included a fundraising stop in Oklahoma City last week. Now, he is getting vocal support from places many thought would be impossible this early in the process.

Osage County went a step further, passing a resolution to censure both Lankford and Senator James Inhofe.

“The Oklahoma Republican Party State Committee condemns this lack of courage and action as an act against our US Constitution which dissolves public confidence in Congress and the Federal Election process, jeopardizes future elections, and sincerely alienates at least seventy-five (75) million voters,” the resolution read. “The Oklahoma Republican Party State Committee does hereby censure and call for the resignation of Senator James Lankford and Senator Jim Inhofe for failure to take all possible measures to protect the integrity of the 2020 Presidential Electoral Vote.”

Lankford said over the weekend that it certainly isn’t every day that a party chair comes out in favor of a candidate this early in the process.

““It’s more unheard of than it is rare,” Lankford told the Tulsa World during a Fourth of July event.

“I’d say it’s highly unusual for a state party chair in any state in America to come out and say, ‘I’m not going to at least be neutral.’”

Lankford’s comments come a week after he released the commitments of a number of legislators and state officials that he says have pledged to support him.

Lahmeyer says that the extraordinary circumstances and heated opinions regarding both the 2020 election and the events of January 6th have motivated officials such as Bennett to move forward with their support earlier in the process.

“James Lankford’s cowardice betrayal of President Trump and the 77 counties of Oklahoma on January 6, 2021 was the stick that broke the camel’s back,” Lahmayer said on social media. “We need to support John Bennett for his courage. Most leaders in Oklahoma don’t have this type of courage.”

Lahmeyer also says he finds it a double standard that party members are reacting negatively in the same week that Lankford touted his list of endorsements.“Lankford releases 80 political endorsements from Oklahoma at once, which was a terrible strategy by the way, and nobody says anything about how the Governor should wait until the primary is over,” Lahmeyer said on social media. “John Bennett, OKGOP chairman, says he supports me and all of sudden people say he isn’t allowed to do that, which he is. If Bennett would have endorsed James “Never The Same” Lankford the establishment wouldn’t have mummed a word. Thankfully Bennett has courage and integrity.”

Bennett told The Oklahoman following his endorsement that there is no rule that prohibits a party chairman from supporting one candidate over another in a primary.

The primary election will be held in June 2022. Thanks to our friends at InsideOwasso.com for this scoop. If you reside in Tulsa, or Oklahoma in general, make sure you are visiting InsideOwasso.com daily for the latest news.

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