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Instead of working to clean up the election disaster that occurred in 2020 over loose mail-in ballots being sent to everyone dead or alive, and then strewn across apartment complexes and sidewalks everywhere….

….Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak passed a bill this week making it permanent. That’s right, because *nothing* dispels the suspicion of mass election fraud more….than making it permanent against the wishes of the people.

A quick scroll through any of Governor Sisolak’s Twitter posts, quickly reveal he is more than disliked by his own citizens. Two recalls against him have failed, although it’s important to mention that one of the first bills Sisolak passed in office made a recall against him harder to do. (A strange need and foresight given the fact no one had ever tried to previously recall a Governor in Nevada before.) He also had events that were put together to gather signatures for the recall against him maliciously shut down…totally not tyrannical though, amirite?

The state of Nevada’s relationship with Dominion Voting is both long and incestuous. The state’s contract with the company is worth over $28 million dollars, and they just approved another half million without discussion right before the election….although good luck trying to get what should be public information on that contract.

They have also refused to release if/when/and how election machines were ever tested after March 2020, or anytime ahead of the election in fact, or “who” even did them.

All election machines must be certified by a federally accredited laboratory to a hold a valid election:

You want to know who “certifies” the voting machines in Nevada…..the Nevada Gaming Control Board. We’re supposed to believe they’re a legitimate and federally accredited laboratory for anything other than running slot machines? It’s also important to mention that the Gaming Board in 2020 was heavily under the thumb of Governor Sisolak as he had granted himself “emergency powers” during Covid (that were illegal but don’t expect the AG to look into it) and he completely controlled whether casinos could open or had to stay closed. He also appoints the members of the board himself…how the hell is that kind of criminal conflict of interest allowed at all? Oh that’s right, because these people are in charge of themselves. The Gaming Board is hardly a disinterested third party on their own accord either, when it comes to the people with the most to gain or lose depending on how our elections turn out in Nevada….they’re literally at the top. No wonder they don’t want to name the guy in charge of checking the machines, it’s probably Joey Bagodonuts.

It’s not like the people of Nevada are being quiet about it either…it’s that the powers that be absolutely refuse to listen to or even address them. Over 30 certified letters (that I know of) have been signed for, accepted, and ignored by Governor Sisolak, the Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, and the 4-time arrested Attorney General of Nevada Aaron Ford….not even a single reply.

So what’s being done about all this corruption and fraud? Instead of pushing to fight election fraud, the surrender caucus has been working overtime with the pointless war cry of “we’ll get them next time” while simultaneously attempting to push out every supporter Trump has. RINOs for certain are not an endangered animal in Nevada. It’s certainly not going to be addressed by the Democrats in the state that were just completely taken over by bonafide socialists. The People of Nevada however are doing something about it. A non-partisan group of Patriots that includes Republicans, Independent Patriot Party members, Libertarians, and completely non-political People are actively organizing to force an audit based off their state constitutional right to have one. Working together with Arizona patriots that made the Maricopa County audit possible like candidate Josh Barnett, Daniel Wood, David Jose, and the We the People Alliance, Nevadan citizens are replicating the template they used to force an audit here.

There is no more pressing issue right now in this country, than the fact most people believe their vote didn’t matter in the 2020 election. It’s not about pushing a particular party either, or which candidate you want to win….it’s about the fact that we’re all pretty sure none of our votes just mattered. Full disclosure, I am one of these patriots in Nevada working for and pushing an audit here hoping to find some answers. I switched from Republican to Patriot Party Independent because I was so disgusted at the gutlessness of my own corrupt establishment. I am aware both parties (as our SOS that was loosening election integrity and enacting ballot harvesting is a RINO Republican) would have to be in on it, in order for fraud like this to work. In a last minute blue wave during our Dominion-run 2018 midterms, Cegavske was the only Republican to win a state seat and subsequently went on to do everything the Democrats wanted her to do…and we’re not supposed to find that whole thing suspect and fishy? I don’t expect these people to willingly investigate and indict themselves, and their denial and unwillingness to discuss the problem only seems to solidify their guilt in the eyes of Nevadan citizens. Look, I don’t even know what happens if we do end up proving massive fraud in a national election…(which as someone who has worked on this all year, let me tell you it’s pretty blatant) because it’s never happened before. I don’t know if we try to go by the original results if we even have them, or we just redo the whole thing…and if we redo it we’ll be doing it on paper without without these compromised machines and hackable software. Do you realize that CNN, ABC, and top level Democrats like Elizabeth Warren, Amy Kloboucher, and Kamala Harris all believed these voting machines were hackable and a danger to our republic….right up until they got the highly suspicious win they wanted?

It’s not really a “conspiracy theory” that electronic machines are easily hackable when the opposing side was publicly complaining they were a whole 1 year before the election. The general consensus of people is that something was off election night, even if they don’t know exactly what that is. Just let us do this audit and settle the issue once and for all to unite this divided state and country. There were a lot of questions we never got answers for, and a lot of people like me who got censored and lost our Twitters and Facebooks just for even asking about it. You shouldn’t have sent ballots to dead people, you shouldn’t have kept poll watchers too far away to observe, you shouldn’t have had strangers decide our votes for us through electronic adjudication, you should have properly matched signatures or asked for ID instead of illegally running them through a machine at the lowest setting where 8/9 bad signatures were accepted, you shouldn’t have done a lot of things because now we have an an election with none of the required, legal transparency. The only solution now is asking for the accountability we deserve after the fact with a forensic audit to validate…or invalidate the results. We the People of Nevada deserve answers. We deserve fully transparent and honest elections, and we have the right to check that work according to our own state constitution, end of story.

You can find the PDF imbedded at the bottom of this article link: https://thedcpatriot.com/nevada-state-served-maladministration-affidavits-forcing-election-audit/

UPDATE MESSAGE from the People pushing the audit with follow up information and instructions:

As the Arizona Audit is about to reveal, there was MASSIVE voter and election fraud throughout the United States. We have been filing consistently with the SOS requesting (legal demand) the transparency our constitution provides, and they have not administered. We are now at the stage where we need YOUR help!! We need everyone in Nevada to follow these instructions below. Thank you in advance for your desire for free and fair elections. This is not about who won or didn’t won. It is about securing our elections to prevent fraud and treason. Arizona has led the charge and are helping us navigate a confusing process! (Disclaimer: when the recorders offices send you notices that you need to send them $37 to record or that your document was rejected, save that paper and do not send money!!!) It’s legally complicated, but that is all we want. The paper will state “we received your paperwork and ….” So, they got it and that’s all we need! Thank you in advance please save these documents (proof of mailing, receipts, and recorder letters with your original). 

Step one: Print ONLY pages 1-6 of this document. Where it says “affiant” is where you print your name.

Step two: Fill it out EXCEPT the verification page (must be signed in presence of notary)

Step three: Get it notarized. Most banks will do this for free if you have an account.

Step four: Make at least 5 copies (you keep original), up to 15 copies, depending on your financial situation.

Step five: Go to post office and send via CERTIFIED mail to at least the addresses on page one. It is preferred to mail page 6 via certified mail also, but it can be done by email or regular mail to save money.

Step six: Screenshot and email to the remainder of addresses on the final (unprinted pages).

Step seven: SAVE the original and staple the proof of mailings. 

Step eight: Pat yourself on the back and reward yourself for doing your civic duty!! We WILL prevail!!! Thank you so much!

You can follow me on GAB through bookmarking it on the DuckDuckGo app since I’m censored off every platform just like every one else who spoke out about voter fraud at @AmericanAFMindy

For tips or stories, contact me at MindyRobinsonForCongress@gmail.com

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