Even though I’m in Facebook jail for “daring” to post a study on how masks don’t work, I still apparently get notifications. So imagine my surprise when the official and verified “City of Las Vegas Government” spam bombed me and every citizen in the city with notifications about needing to get the vaccine.

Whatever I clicked on, it was all about the same thing:

As you might have noticed, laugh reacts were the number 1 response, and judging by the comments…Las Vegans really weren’t happy about the spamming or vaccine propaganda.

Aside from the immorality of pushing an experimental product that’s had ZERO long term tests and no generational side effect studies…why were people who weren’t even following their page receiving notifications at all? Facebook just spammed everyone in the entire city using their locations to do this? I’m also starting to seriously wonder if all the people that wanted the shot have received the shot, and now the governments panicking because…..yea I don’t know, nothing seems right with the way our government and social media is so in bed with Big Pharma on this and shoving it down our throats. Money? Control? Probably both the way all my “conspiracy” theories are coming true this year. All I know, is there isn’t a universe I would allow myself to be a free guinea pig by poisoning myself with this vaccine that isn’t even a vaccine by definition.

Might I suggest moving over to GAB? It’s a free speech app that’s a mix of Twitter and Facebook that censors nothing, owns their own servers, and you’ll actually see the news, articles, and people you want…instead of what these rich, controlling billionaire weirdos want you to see. Apple banned it for not censoring conservatives, but you can bookmark it on the DuckDuckGo app for one click access. (Google’s in on suppressing news too.)

You can find me there @AmericanAFMindy

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