On Tuesday, House impeachment managers released a new brief that claims former President Trump is “singularly responsible” for the mostly peaceful protests on January 6th in DC.

The 80-page brief made their case against Trump, but it is filled with the usual hyperbole and mass hysteria that Democrats are so accustomed to.

“President Trump endangered the very constitutional system that protects all other rights, including freedom of expression,” the brief begins. “It would be perverse to suggest that our shared commitment to free speech requires the Senate to ignore the obvious: that President Trump is singularly responsible for the violence and destruction that unfolded in our seat of government on January 6.

Remember, President Trump told the crowd to “peacefully” protest, but the report conveniently left that out.

“President Trump is personally responsible for inciting an armed attack on our seat of government that imperiled the lives of the Vice President, Members of Congress and our families, and those who staff and serve the Legislative Branch,” the briefcontinues.

“If the Senate does not try President Trump (and convict him) it risks declaring to all future Presidents that there will be no consequences, no accountability, indeed no Congressional response at all if they violate their Oath to ‘preserve, protect and defend the Constitution’ in their final weeks — and instead provoke lethal violence in a lawless effort to retain power.”

The brief goes on to reveal the TRUE reason they want to “convict” Trump. They don’t want him to be able to ever hold office again.

President Trump’s incitement of insurrection requires his conviction and disqualification from future federal officeholding. This is not a case where elections alone are a sufficient safeguard against future abuse; it is the electoral process itself that President Trump attacked and that must be protected from him and anyone else who would seek to mimic his behavior,” the brief continues.

They must be TERRIFIED about the rumors of his 2024 Presidential aspirations.

As we mentioned above, President Trump told protesters to peacefully protest, saying; “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard,

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3 thoughts on “Impeachment Managers Show Their Hand; Claim Trump Is “Singularly Responsible” For Jan 6th Protest”
  1. If they want to impeach a citizen then they are opening the door to other impeachments. We conservatives know the reasons democrats want to impeach President Trump. We know he didn’t incite a riot. What he said is no worse than anything democrats have said about going after him. Someone should go after the left for the 4plus years of abuse. It’s like working in a hostile environment and bullying a President no less. Absolutely no respect on their side. President Trump was for the people and America first not the Biden rule of America last. America is done. We won’t last 4 years of Biden.

  2. Marguerite Taylor Green should rush articles of impeachment against Barrack Obama TODAY. Democrats need a dose of their own b.s.medicine

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