You can’t make up this level of corruption anymore America, literally one hour after Joe Biden is worn in as the 46th President of the United States, Arizona has released evidence from their state Senate on voter fraud.

Now the Senate President has said they have reached an agreement with Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to turn over all relevant information they sought in their subpoenas so that we may perform an audit. The letter goes on to say that Maricopa County acknowledges that the legislature is the sovereign power of the state and the county is a political subdivision.

Read the full letter below.

We have a feeling this voter fraud story in America is just getting started.

By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

80 thoughts on “One Hour After Biden is Sworn In, Arizona Senate President Releases Evidence of Voter Fraud”
  1. We care because other states may follow suit, but mainly because it sows doubt in the minds of all those who opposed President Trump. It also gives us something to point to every time we point to Biden and refer to him as an illegitimate president. I’ll take what I can get.

  2. Citizens in all of these States where the election and voter fraud occurred need to speak with family, friends and neighbors. These RINOs need to be Primaried and run out of Office.

  3. It wouldn’t matter if there were wide spread confessions. It would get NO traction with the current administration. We are in for the long haul folks. We will go the way of Greece within 10 years.

  4. why not all states? we know in california one person vited 35 times, so the whole country needs to be audited, you will no doubt find that the house and senate were actually both voted republican

  5. If peoples morals are corrupted, the people fall.
    Return to seeking the Lord Jesus in a HB studying church, and find real truth, real peace, real direction, and a clean slate to follow a better path with a beautiful future. Study God’s words the holy Bible and “see”.

  6. *Americans become furious when they discover they’ve been deceived. Remember Pearl Harbor? *FDR vowed, “The American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory”!
    *George Washington stated, “Truth will prevail where there are pains taken to bring it to light”!

  7. Ever pay attention to the maturity level of these “fact checkers” bullies? 😄 They stay awake all night & day at their computer just waiting for Matt Couch to speak & Instantly type “fact checker checked” with some lame explanation from their living room on how it isn’t so. We should form the group of “Lie Checkers”! I can’t wait until Matt posts “President Donald Trump refused to use expensive toilet paper while in office” so we can see who steps up to be That Fact Checker!! SOMEONE WILL CLAIN THAT SPOT!!

  8. We are now living under an illegal government. So what now? If every state did an HONEST recount and proved that Trump did indeed win by a historic landslide as anyone with a brain already knows, would the fraudulent “president” be removed, and the actual president be reinstalled? After all, on top of the mountains of evidence, Biden did admit that “we created the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in history”. America us now under control of an llegal gov’t.

  9. After nearly 3 months, I guess they find nothing.
    Every machine in the country should have been
    confiscated by mid November.
    The people who pulled this sham are slick.
    Bet they’ve been cleaned of anything incriminating

  10. All it says it that they will provide information about the election. It says NOTHING about the information implying that the there was fraud.

  11. Maricopa Board of Supervisors should be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law for their criminal mischief.

  12. The Globalists probably started planning this in 2016 and they expected their cheating was massive enough to win.
    They did not expect Donald Trump to have a long-term plan, the formation of which started in the sixties, but that’s what they got. They deny it now but they’ll find out soon!

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