2021: The Year Our “Conspiracy Theories” Became True

Like many vocal Patriots, I lost my two largest platforms for posting “dangerous conspiracy theories” ….most of which have either come true this year, or are probably about to. Twitter permanently suspended my verified account for “election meddling” somehow, and Facebook restricted me as a “public figure spreading dangerous messages during a time of civil unrest” and took away my ability to post on my own 200k+ verified page.

As the House of Deep State Cards continues to crumble, I doubt I nor any of the other hundreds of thousand accounts that were deplatformed in the last year, will ever be rightfully reinstated…we were being too effective at fighting fake news. Even by moving over to GAB, Telegram, and Signal we were still able to get enough of the info out to at least get FOX to finally start reporting on it. Does it make sense *now* why Twitter and Facebook went above and beyond to shut down and purge all “conspiracy related pages” including Q related accounts in particular?

Social media elites claimed Q accounts were “dangerous” ….because they questioned the government? Who trusts the government?! If anyone actually does “trusts” the government right now, they’re probably not going to after this year. Since the beginning, followers of Q believed there was a Cabal of immensely powerful and wealthy people all working together to find more (evil) ways they can become even more rich and powerful, and these people are constantly covering for each other. Are Q followers wrong about that?

Oh no wait, that’s right….the leftist Elite bragged about it in TIME magazine right after the election. They literally even called it “a Cabal of powerful people” that intentionally used their clout, money, and resources to steer an entire election to their benefit. I’m so glad we were just “imagining” it all.

Maybe anti-American globalists like George Soros shouldn’t be allowed to invest millions into owning Secretaries of States and Attorney Generals across the country? Maybe weirdo billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg shouldn’t be allowed to spend $350 million dollars into steering an election his way by donating it to Battleground states that can’t seem to account for to who or where it went? Maybe Bill Gates (who already believes there are too many people on the planet) shouldn’t be allowed to push untested vaccines onto the masses….are we really supposed to believe he has our best interest in mind? “Fact checkers” so you know, claim it’s “false” he ever said anything about lowering the global population, when this is the literal Bill Gates quote they use to render it “false” somehow:

“Conspiracy theorists” claimed these vaccines were possibly going to be used to sterilize an unknowing populace by an Elite class that would rather have the resources for themselves. Now as it turns out, the covid “vaccine” is indeed already doing some funny stuff to women’s fertility. “Fact checkers” claim it’s “false” that the vaccine caused fertility issues and a 366% increase in miscarriages….not because the numbers aren’t right (they reluctantly agree they are) but that you can’t prove there’s a “pattern” ….because they say there’s no pattern? Huh? Silly us for thinking the huge rise in miscarriages with no other mitigating factor in common other than the fact they were all newly vaccinated, would be considered a plausible “pattern.”

I’m sure glad fake “fact checkers” are there to tell everyone how to wrongly think. Clearly people like me are the problem here. It’s certainly not the people that illegally and immorally turned bat coronavirus into a weapon that ended up infecting humans and used to control an entire global population using their fear of dying from it against them. There are simply no good nor benevolent reasons someone could possibly have that would explain why they’re manipulating a virus to kill people that wasn’t harmful before. The same people worrying about guns don’t have a problem with the mass genocide that just occurred to all the old and sick in the world? Interesting priorities. Of course private gun ownership is what stops a tyrannical government from oppressing its people…so maybe that has more to do with it? Why were we quarantining and destroying our own economy to “save grandma,” while radical leftist politicians and governors 100% knowingly and purposefully placed covid patients into nursing homes that ended up killing the elderly en masse? Why would anyone do that unless they wanted people to die? It wasn’t as contagious as they hoped and they just had to pad the numbers? They had to count every death as “covid” even if their head fell off? The news had to keep pumping the fear machine to keep people away from each other and talking. Why else force people to wear masks and social distance if you know it doesn’t work? Fauci knew it didn’t work, we know that now from his emails. What they really couldn’t have was people talking to eachother and spreading “conspiracy theories.” It was never about public safety either, the cat was out of the bag when it escaped the lab in the first place and you’re either at risk for covid or not….just like every other disease out there. The shutdowns were just a guise to destroy local small businesses so that the big box companies could make even more money and have even less competition. Corrupt politicians used it to back door fascist policies and break a freedom loving capitalist country like America down in preparation for socialism. They paid people more to sit at home than to work, and then threw crumbs at the rest of us the form of stimulus checks that would never be enough to keep the working and middle class going. Socialism always promises rainbows and kittens and turns into complete government dependency and servitude to an ever-growing stronger and more powerful Elite class. Is that not what just unraveled before us this whole year? The Elite sure didn’t follow their own rules either, did they? They never do. They dined at exclusive restaurants, while you missed weddings, funerals, and proms. They ate expensive ice cream next to their $24,000 fridge, while you fought for toilet paper at the super market. They flew in luxury private jets, while closing down pipelines and preaching to you about climate change and your “carbon footprint.” Now that we know the virus was man made and Fauci knew masks and lockdowns didn’t work…have you asked yourself “why” he kept pushing for them then? I understand why he hid the fact he paid for the funding of this bioweapon with our enemies (he doesn’t want to hang for crimes against humanity) but why push lockdowns and everything else knowing they weren’t effective? For that you have to ask yourself “who profited from all this?” Amazon, Big Pharma, Mega corporations and chain stores that can afford to “wait it out” unlike their small business competitors….oh, and did anyone ultimately benefit more from this in the end than China? They were having raves and partying while we were still in forced lockdowns for no reason. If you count the election, than anyone willing to use covid to skew it to their favor also had a lot to benefit from this forced “social distancing.” Where I live in Nevada they sent mail in ballots to every registered voter alive or DEAD. Why? I can’t think of a single reason you would send ballots to dead people that doesn’t involve fraud.

What else does Q and other “conspiracy theorists” believe? They believe that there are elite child trafficking rings being protected by high level government officials, for no other reason other than it’s extremely profitable and can be used for blackmail as political leverage. That’s a “conspiracy theory?” Really? What did you think Epstein was doing? You tell me how the most important-to-watch prisoner in the entire world just “killed himself” while the camera facing him “malfunctioned?” Yea, totally doesn’t sound like a high level government cover up at all, amirite? You tell me why the Left is so against detaining children at the border long enough to make sure they’re with their actual biological parents? There’s only one reason someone would want open borders and an unending flood of untraceable, undocumented women and children crossing the border. Epstein’s arrest proved that an elite Cabal of sex traffickers being protected by the government wasn’t just a “conspiracy theory.” Neither is it a “conspiracy theory” that many of these children end up getting sold for parts or sold to be murdered for pleasure. No one wants to talk or even think about it, but it happens all the time. Feel free to check out this hard to watch documentary on child trafficking in Europe and how the black market organ trade works there:

“Eyes of the Devil” : https://conspyre.tv/video/4504/eyes-of-the-devil-by-patryk-vega?channelName=Conspyre

Truth is, we just went through an entire year of “unprecedented times” with all its weirdness, rules that didn’t make sense, and more propaganda and fake news than I’ve ever seen in my whole life. What was worse is you weren’t allowed to question any of it. Only one narrative was allowed to exist and everything else was labeled “wrong think.” Getting the truth out there has been impossible. The fake news got tired of people pointing out every time they lied to people, and came up with the idea of using “independent fact checkers.” Many of these sites are funded and controlled by Zuckerberg and the Chinese Communist Party themselves. The “independent fact checker” that Facebook uses to check vaccine posts…is funded by Johnson and Johnson. That is the opposite of what “independent” fact checker means. If you ever actually bother to click these sites and read how they came to their fact checking “conclusions” all you’ll see is fallacy of logic, word play, and usually they’ll throw one thing in that no one is talking about just so they can call the whole thing “false.” Sometimes the “conclusion” isn’t even sensical…

How the hell do you go from talking about prepping militias in case of civil war, to zombies and drinking the blood of children? How?

“Everything that goes against the narrative is a conspiracy theory!” Ok well then, let’s talk about all the “conspiracy theories” we had that turned out to be true thus far:

•We were right about bat coronavirus being purposefully manipulated in a lab so that it would infect humans (which there is no other reason to do by the way, other than use it to kill people and control the world.) Fauci himself stated that an accidental pandemic caused by a lab leak had more “benefits” than downsides….the hell could possibly be the benefit of making a harmless virus more deadly?
• We were right that Fauci directly used our tax funds to turn covid into a bioweapon, and it was done in China because it’s illegal to do here for obvious reasons like it’s evil.
• We were right that it escaped a lab in Wuhan. They were literally making it there and their researchers were the first to get sick. How is thinking it was caused by eating bats or pangolins less “crazy” than the lab making it down the street?
• We were right that masks don’t work, Fauci said it in his own email.
• We were right that lockdowns were pointless and non-symptomatic people weren’t spreading it, that’s also in Fauci’s emails.
• We were right that Mark Zuckerberg was using Facebook to control the covid/vaccine/masks/election/Trump narrative by actively suppressing, censoring, and deleting dissenting opinions off the platform.
• We were right that these “independent fact checkers” were being politically biased. It turns out that Facebook and the Chinese Communist Party fund and control many of these “fact checking” sites that you see flagging everything. The “independent fact checker” Facebook uses to screen all its covid and vaccine posts through is actually funded by a billion dollar Big Pharma company.
• We were right that these voting machines (they found Chinese made modems inside them all across the country) were hooked up to the internet and hacked. We have all the data and proof that there was election fraud via cyber attacks, fractionalized voting malware, and untraceable adjudication by poll workers, but the news can’t report on it because they were in on it. If you watched FOX on election night, then you know what I’m talking about. Notice how no one’s ever given an explanation on why counting stopped for no reason right before large dumps of Biden votes magically came it? One leaking toilet in Georgia does not explain why all the other states stopped. “Fact checkers” claim that it’s a “lie” that voting ever halted in battleground states despite the news despite the fact we lived it.

Yea, we know you didn’t *really* stop counting because large dumps of Biden ballots came out of the sky at 1am. But you claimed you had stopped counting for the night in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada. We didn’t just imagine that…you said that so observers would go home and you could cheat in private.

• We were right that Biden is compromised by foreign interest like China and the Ukraine, the media had no right to suppress what was on Hunter’s laptop before the election. We only know about the laptop because of the technician….the FBI never explained why they were sitting on intel that showed Biden abused his position as Vice President for personal profit by laundering it through his son.
• We were right that this “vaccine” only has emergency use and has not been properly tested. It is not FDA approved, and I doubt it will be considering there have been more vaccine death and injury reports from just the covid vaccine in a few months than all the other vaccines combined in the last 2 decades. And no it’s not because more people took it….more people took the regular flu shot than anything and they didn’t get anywhere near as sick.
• We were right that elite pedophile rings like Jeffrey Epstein’s exist for sexual degeneracy, profit, and blackmail and compromised government officials run judicial cover for them. Is there a reason why the person who ordered him to be taken off suicide watch isn’t being investigated?
• We were right that the mainstream media reports the news the way their billionaire overlords tell them to, and they have absolutely no problem misleading the public and using fake videos to do it. With the truth bombs Tucker Carlson’s been dropping lately…I’m actually surprised the powers that be haven’t silenced him yet.

• We were right that police let protesters into the Capitol that day, there’s video and everything. Out of the 5 people arrested for firearms there, 1 was a BLM/Antifa supporter there to cause trouble. Unlike the other 440+ Patriots that were arrested….this trans Antifa member was let go without a single charge.

Stop dismissing people as “conspiracy theorists” because their opinion goes against what the media is telling you. You should be reading past the headline and researching both sides before coming to a conclusion on any topic. You should be questioning if these mega corporations like Big Pharma “really” have your best interest in mind. Every other commercial you see is trying to sell you a new drug or asking if you took a faulty old drug so you can sue about it. Don’t you ever wonder if it was ever tested right in the first place? By the way, the “don’t take (insert brand new drug) if you’re allergic to (insert brand new drug) is my favorite all encompassing disclaimer of all time. You shouldn’t feel compelled to take an experimental injection because the people making money on it tell you it’s “safe” after a couple months of testing and actively censor all the information about the side effects. You should question and demand answers from your government on the things that happen that don’t make sense….like why isn’t Hillary in jail for deleting emails and destroying evidence? Why are two Patriots currently sitting in jail without bail over the “murder” of a police officer that was ruled as natural causes (stroke) back in April? Why won’t they name the officer that shot a visibly unarmed woman at the Capitol? Why are people being charged for “trespassing” at the Capitol at all when there are videos of cops letting them in all over the place? The Capitol has magnetic doors a truck couldn’t rip off….no one “pushed” their way inside, they had to be let in. Ask Pelosi why she refused the extra security the sheriff demanded beforehand.

With all these “conspiracy theories” coming true maybe it’s time you looked at everything else we’ve been saying. If you think creating a killer virus to control the planet is the only thing they’re guilty of, I hate to tell you but it gets a lot worse. Pizza Gate is real, the government spies on us at will and saves everything electronically we do forever, and there’s a chance the government let 9/11 happen (instead of just “losing” track of the terrorists) so the military industrial complex could make money off of the gulf war and they could demo building 7 (which happened to have housed all kinds of secret government paperwork including information about the Safari Club, which is the dark branch of the CIA) which magically fell down despite not being hit by a plane and being two buildings away from the towers. If that sounds unbelievable and crazy, let me remind you that the only reason we entered the Vietnam War was because President Johnson used the Gulf of Tonkin incident that he 100% knew was fake to convince Congress to give him the power to wage war there.

Wrap your mind around that….how many soldiers fought and died in that brutal war for nothing? And for what? The only people the Vietnam War benefited was the military industrial complex that makes and sells the weapons of war (often to both sides as we now suspect) and the chemical companies making money off the government contacts for Agent Orange and napalm. It certainly didn’t benefit the Vietnamese people who are still finding land mines to this day.

Start questioning everything you think you know. Here’s a list of same great rabbit holes you can start with:

Election Fraud Explained: https://www.bitchute.com/video/WNLxq4A2Oo1z/?fbclid=IwAR2eoS_6AuFUpmblrYYhQuPBEB7i4-Gn8AG16Ho9TsKCi4mVlXOwZP9nlWk

CIA/Mockingbird/Hollywood/Pizzagate “Out of Shadows” : https://www.bitchute.com/video/l8nuHIlmugbY/

Snowden doc on how the NSA spies on all of us “Citizenfour” : https://www.amazon.com/Citizenfour-Edward-Snowden/dp/B07XW61RN3

Shadowgate/MilitaryComplex/FakeNews: Every single thing you’ve ever done from your phone or computer was saved by the government, and then saved by 3rd party military consultants to used as blackmail/control/sold to the highest bidder. “Shadowgate” part 1: https://youtu.be/EpBcwfC6NzI

“Shadowgate” part 2: https://youtu.be/GBV9apo564c

The aftermath of Shadowgate’s release: https://www.millennialmillie.com/post/shadow-gate-2-0-full-movie

Pedogate part 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/m4uPgLMVI_g/

Pedogate part 2: PEDOGATE 2020 PT.II – Tom Hanx (NEW INFO)

Pedogate part 3: PEDOGATE 2020 PT.3 – Symbolism & Pizzagate 2.0

Why the Deep State didn’t want Trump to win “Trump’s War on Human Trafficking” : https://rumble.com/vax50r-trumps-war-on-human-trafficking.html?mref=2hzb1&mrefc=2

Cabal : https://www.bitchute.com/video/KMBcAvYH1f3L/

Coronavirus was funded to be a bioweapon: https://odysee.com/@SomeBitchIKnow:0/deception-in-america-episode-one-the:1

Terramar, Ghislaine Maxwell’s plan to own the oceans and create a government for the Elites: Elite Human Trafficking [Vol. 1] – Ghislaine Maxwell’s TERRAMAR PROJECT

Plandemic: https://freedomplatform.tv/plandemic-indoctornation-world-premiere/?vgo_ee=J0SZsG6TzDMSWi5SglWTK/lMy%2BOWWuyaZunZiCXh6gI=

What really happened at the Capitol? “Psyop the Steal” : https://visionlaunch.com/exposing-the-plan-to-siege-the-us-capitol-on-january-6th-2021/

How leftists actively planned to overthrow the government if Trump won: https://www.millennialmillie.com/post/election-2020-coup-plot-exposed

Since I’m kicked off everything else, catch me uncensored on GAB @AmericanAFMindy …you can bookmark the site through DuckDuckGo for easy access since free speech apps aren’t allowed by Apple. United We Stand, Dived We Fall.

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1 year ago

Wow, great article. You are only the 2nd person I’ve ever seen mention the Safari Club; the other was Ryan Dawson (also heavily censored). Anyway, thank you for doing what you do, keep going!

Richard Jambor
Richard Jambor
1 year ago

Time to arrest and charge all these domestic terrorists in our government!

Aaron Aveiro
1 year ago

@Mindy Robinson…would you be a guest on our new podcast series….What’s going on in Your Corner of The World…Let’s Have a Conversation???

1 year ago

That last picture seems fake