President Donald Trump’s legal team is fighting back big time against Democrats and the countless lies they are telling about the president during the Senate impeachment trial.

While speaking on Wednesday from the Senate floor, two members of Trump’s legal team issued public denunciations of the Democrats’ case — personally citing House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler in particular.

Addressing the senators, White House counsel Pat Cipollone led off the Trump team’s attack on Nadler.

“Mr. Nadler came up here and made false allegations against our team. He made false allegations against all of you. He accused you of a cover-up. He’s been making false allegations against the president,” Cipollone said.

“The only one who should be embarrassed, Mr. Nadler, is you, for the way you’ve addressed this body,” Cipollone said. “This is the United States Senate. You’re not in charge here.”

After showing the Democratic complaints about the Senate calling witnesses like former National Security Advisor John Bolton for the farce they are, Cipollone got to the real point — the danger Democrats are posing to American democracy.

“The American people pay their salaries,” he said. “And they’re here to take away their vote. They’re here to take away their voice.”

“They have attacked the president, the executive branch. They have attacked the judicial branch. They say they don’t have time for courts. They have attacked the United States Senate, repeatedly. It’s about time we bring this power trip in for a landing,” he said.

Cipollone’s conclusion was dead on.

“Mr. Nadler, you owe an apology to the president of the United States and his family. You owe an apology to the Senate,” he said.

“But most of all, you owe an apology to the American people.”


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2 thoughts on “WATCH: Trump Legal Team Drops Bomb On Nadler During Impeachment Trial (VIDEO)”
  1. Where was the “bomb” he dropped? Or is shitting ones pants in front of the senate considered that?

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