If you watch one video today my friends, I hope it’s this one. Watch congressman Matt Gaetz absolutely obliterate House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler.

“For 22 months, my colleagues on the other side many of them said there was actual evidence of collusion, so now clearly seeing that’s not true, we see our colleagues moving to the stages of grief.”

“Mr. Chairman, you are now asking for documents you know you can’t have. And you’re doing so in order to erode confidence in the Attorney General who leads the Department of Justice, because he has concluded that there was not collusion, and that your principle Russian narrative was not truthful, was not credible. We were right, you were wrong, and the American people know it. “

But to me, the nail in the coffin was Gaetz’s last sentence.

“You all were not telling the truth to the American people for an extended period of time, we were, and you should not be trusted.”

Every time he speaks, all I can think of is we need more patriots like him in Washington, D.C. I couldn’t have said it better to how Americans truly feel congressman.

By Matt Couch

Founder & Host of The America First Media Group. Conservative Truth Slinger! The Truth Hurts!

4 thoughts on “WATCH! Rep Matt Gaetz CRUSHES Chairman Nadler (VIDEO)”
  1. Thank you Representative Gaetz! It’s so nice to hear the Democrat LIES rebuked!

    I think a lot of this Trump-Russia Collusion ruse for 2 years was to cover up the CRIMES the Democrats committed in trying to take down Trump before & after the election which includes Treason. They know the Collusion BS has collapsed & they are now using their Back-Up Plan.

    It’s nothing more than smoke & mirrors to distract from the Democrat investigation that needs to get under way immediately.

  2. I left a comment but it is gone. Are Democrats censoring this site? I’m out of here….

  3. Matt Gaetz, Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan are the best congressmen I’ve seen in my lifetime. Almost everyone in DC is part of the swamp, and these guys have been with President Trump from the very beginning. 2019 will be glorious. WWG1WGA

  4. Thank you, Matt Gaetz, thank you for telling these hipocritical asses’ exactly how the cow ate the cabbage ! The Democrats’ have gone completely bonkers’ ! Conservative cannot allow the Liberals’ to gain power for a very, very long time ! If they do they will ruin the country, just as they have ruined every Liberal State and City in the USA !
    #MAGA2020 🇺🇸

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