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According to a new op-ed in the Washington Examiner by Suzanne Venker more traditional marriages are the happiest.

In a liberal society where we see so many marriages between men and women fail, one has to ask which ones last?

Countless marriages are struggling or falling apart altogether due to the script couples have been fed since the day they were born: that a good marriage is a union of “equals.” It’s time to put an end to that ridiculous concept.

Viewing your spouse as your “equal,” as opposed to a partner of a different sex who has wildly different needs and behaviors, invites a boatload of unnecessary conflict.

Sexual equality is a lie. Healthy relationships depend on sexual polarity, not on sexual equality.

This is especially true when it comes to sex. The research has been done: Egalitarian couples, or couples with so-called equal marriages, are far more likely to have unsatisfactory sex lives. Gender “continues to exert a strong influence over individual behaviors, including sexual frequency within marriage,” write the study’s authors.

This may be an uncomfortable pill to swallow, but there’s no getting around it: The happiest marriages, sexually and otherwise, are those that are more traditional in nature.

By “traditional,” I’m not referring to Ward and June Cleaver. I mean traditional by today’s standards. Yes, today most wives are employed in some capacity, and most husbands are hands-on dads. But in the vast majority of married-parent households, the husband still works full-time and year-round while the wife works part-time, intermittently, or not at all.

You can read more from The Washington Examiner.


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