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This morning in Washington, D.C. as we broke to you congressman Mike Conaway of the House Intelligence Committee destroyed congressman Adam Schiff and his conspiracies about Russia.

In the below video, you can watch Conaway lay out everything Schiff has claim, then lay out the facts, and then ask for his resignation.

Schiff demanded that congressman Devin Nunes resign over much less over a year ago, Schiff should immediately resign and recuse himself if he had any decency at all.

One thought on “WATCH! Congressman Mike Conaway Asks for Adam Schiff’s Resignation (VIDEO)”
  1. If you’re wanting to have every government official who lies to resign, let’s start with the WH resident who can’t keep his lies straight and who pathologically lies on a daily basis. Then let’s go on to have the Republican party as a whole resign as they are complicit in their verbal support or in their silence.

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