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In one of the most bizarre and shocking stories of the day, the Cook County prosecutor with Obama ties dropped all charges against Jussie Smollett.

Empire actor Jussie Smollett has all charges dropped after pleading not guilty to at least 16 counts of disorderly conduct.

He made a statement today that arrogantly implies that he’s the hero out of this massive mess he’s made with the media and race relations in America.

Smollett’s alleged crime happened when he claimed to be attacked by two people who could have represented President Trump.

It turned out to be two African Americans who might have been paid to conduct the fake attack.

The Nigerian men were also seen on camera purchasing the items that were likely present in the attack, such as the “red hat” which was supposed to represent the typically red hat stating “Make America Great Again.”

His fake hate crime made it seem like Trump supporters dislike blacks and gays, sparking quite a divide among Americans.

Smollett made his statement today and it comes off very arrogant and appears as though no one plans to hold him accountable for his actions in the alleged fake hate crime.

You can read more from our friends at ILoveMyFreedom.org

3 thoughts on “Jussie Smollett Responds Implies He’s a ‘HERO’”
  1. I got his HERO right here between my legs . Let that punk run his big mouth cause his day is coming soon . He better jack them jaws while he can . Then he can jack them in jail if u know what i mean . A place he will enjoy being what he is ,lol..

  2. This individual is nothing but a lying, race baiting POS. I will never watch anything that has him in it. Anyone willing to stand behind this dirtbag is just as delusional as he is.

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