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We’ve been hoping to hear from the fiery Judge Jeanine Pirro on what’s going on with her and Fox News. The wait is officially over.

Pirro make remarks on her personal Facebook page on Thursday and Friday, and we have those comments for you below.

As many of you know, Pirro was removed from Fox News programming for calling out freshman radical Islamic congresswoman Ilhan Omar two weeks ago.

“I’m overwhelmed by the support you’ve shown me! I tear up every time I try to read through your tens of thousands of lovely messages. For legal reasons, I can’t comment on what’s happening here, but I also can’t help but be suspicious about losing my megaphone just when the Mueller report is released. I pray to God I soon have a platform to discuss that report with the American people!”

However the comment on her Facebook page that was the most noticeable was when she posted a picture of herself and President Trump. She stated “True friends have your back.”

We at The DC Patriot as many of you know us from America First Media always have the courage to do and say what’s right. Judge Jeanine can do an op-ed via us anytime she sees fit. We love you Judge, keep fighting!

29 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine Breaks Silence on Fox News Situation”

  2. Judge we believe the same way omar needs to be impeached she has no business being in congress if you cant go back on fox try newsmax mike huckabee would let you speak on his shoe

  3. Fox News is a disgrace that they would side with a person who sympathizes with terrorists instead of their own is disgusting to say the least. If two of the other commentators on Fox had something to do with it because they favor democrats they need to leave Fox as soon as possible and if Fox News wants to start to become an honest station for the viewers that need to own up to the shit they just caused.

  4. Judge,
    We’re patiently and longingly waiting for your words of Justice on ANY platform.
    So glad to see that we have your back!

  5. How to ruin a great legacy: Have rotten snot-brat kids. Think James Murdoch and his wretched liberal wife controlling the ring in his soyboy nose. His brother is the same redux. FOX News, I predict, will continue on a long, slow, miserable glide path into mediocrity until it finally reaches James’ goal of being indistinguishable from MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, and the cloyingly laughable #FakeNewsCNN. Wait and see.

  6. Fox News cow tow to liberals once again, pretty sure their sponsors are being boycotted bc we are tired of truth being attacked bc Omar is being racist Semitism devil! Judge Jeanine I pray Eric Trump opens a cable News & bring you Hannity levin tucker Ingraham over & let Fox News become cnn!

  7. Judge Jeanine your a Inspiring strong and a brave woman who is not afraid to tell it like it is keeping it real you don’t back off and you don’t back down when defending and stating the Facts on TV I wonder if that’s why they took you off fox for being honest and true on what’s going on in the U.S I know your on our side I wonder who’s side fox news is on!!! I will continue to boycott fox news!!! 100%Judge Jeanine oh one more thing isn’t it funny how same people that don’t like Judge Jeanine for being Honest and True also don’t like Our President Donald Trump the President WE THE PEOPLE OF THE USA voted for and Won WE VOTED FOR HIM RESPECT HIM AND LET HIM DO HIS JOB AND STOP FIGHTING HIM

  8. No Judge Jeanine on FOX, no FOX for me and thousands of others sick of Conservative being fired/condemned for speaking their opinions or as in this case asking a simple question many Americans want the answer to!

  9. i am disturbed by what is happening in our country judge jeanine was our voice fox is a disgrace and giving donna brazille a platform is a disgrace i am leaving fox

  10. I love our astounding President, and I love Jeanine. She nailed it and Murdoch’s whelps couldn’t accept the truth. Our once-trustworthy FOX is fast morphing to the Left and going down the tubes. I and many others no longer bother to watch. I get my news from social media on the computer. Whatfinger dot com is a great site, On TV its OANN. Under Rupert’s guidance FOX was the best, but with the new management it can pound sand. All of my friends in Texas feel the same way. With the Mueller farce now out of the way 2020 should be awesome. Trump’s win will be by an even larger margin than 2016.

    Hang in there Jeanine, something even better might be shaping up. You would make a great AG or Supreme Court Justice… MAGA.

  11. So when a college president,, magazine or newspaper editor, cable producer, broadcast news director or anyone seated in a roll of disseminating information says they are students of diversity.. that includes everything except Christianity and conservatism.

  12. We Patriots on Gab.com LOVE Jeanine and are boycotting several FoxCNNnews hours of the traitors to America there. Fox fired OReilly, Boling, Kimberly without reason – now fire ShepturdSmith FOR JUST CAUSE!
    Very little Fox is watchable anymore.


  13. I Love Judge Jeanine and miss her! Fox is slowly becoming just like CNN Communist News Network! They are trying to silence the only “REAL” News! It’s time for a “NEW REAL NEWS NETWORK”! Judge Jeanine did nothing wrong but tell the truth! Congresswoman Omar is spreading EVIL & ANTISEMITISM! This country needs to wake up and see these hate filled people for who they are!

  14. We all stand with Judge Jeanine. You are so great at what you do. I’m done with Fox if they don’t bring you back. Personally I think all of you that have the great ratings should leave Fox.(You know those Im referring to) Fox seems to be going in the direction of all the other MSM. Please go to a news platform that will allow each of you to report truth. Americans want transparency and factual reporting. Thank you for your heart and keep on keeping on. Patriots stand with you ❤🇺🇸

  15. It is very suspicious that her voice was silenced by FOXNEWS just before the report was released. Fox stinks. So glad to have turned them off. I had been a faithful viewer since their beginning

  16. I’m thankful Judge Janine is NOT backing down or kissing anyone’s PC a*s! Time for ACTION to be taken against double standards & the silencing of FREEDOM of speech! I’ve joined the Boycott AND emailed the spineless SPONSORS who allowed Soros funded 501c3 tax exempt organizations & CAIR to intimidate them! Oh btw…I purchased MORE ‘My Pillows’ in support of a TRUE PATRIOT!

  17. Judge you know the bigger picture of what’s happening at Fox News. Praying 𝚁𝚎𝚜𝚘𝚕𝚞𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗 comes for you and The Truth is exposed, by your powerful Truthtellingvoice. God bless you .

  18. What was done to you is so wrong Judge Jeanine & we will not watch Fox again until you are back on. Keeping you in our prayers right next to President Trump & the Q team.

    (ever think of contacting OANN?)

  19. all tvs in our household used to be on fox news from 7 pm central to midnight daily, but the pure democrat display pf firing Judge Jeanine has them off. I now believe the cartoon channel has ,ire wisdom than FOX

  20. #WeStandByJudgeJeanine

    I’m so angry that they did this to you Jeanine all because you and the rest us, of America want the question answered where does Omar’s Loyalty Lie? We have a right to have that question answered on the grounds of her actions in supporting CAIR alone not even the fact of the tweets that she has made public for all to see. We also want that same question asked of Rashida Tlaib as well.

    Neither one of these ladies should be on foreign affairs committee with the way they view our nation as a whole especially with their anti-semitism.

  21. I’ve cut way back watching Fox…. I’ve seen the censorship issue coming out of Fox News for quite some time now….As with most things, follow the money. A major shareholder of the media group that owns Fox is a Saudi nationalist. We need to look at current laws and foreign ownership of our so called 4th branch of government (The Press) It’s bad enough that we cannot even get fair coverage from American owned news organizations let alone foreign owned…..More swamp needs to be drained. So for the mean time….I find more accurate coverage from the independent news. See ya Fox News…..!! Clean up your act….

  22. I hope the Judge sues the shit out of fox news for 1st amendment rights violations. chin up Judge we love you!!

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