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According to those guys over at Samuel Adams, Ruth Bader Ginsburg beer is about to become a thing.

The Boston based beer brand is now planning to make one of it’s latest beers after Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and they’ll announce it at an event next week.

The beer is going to be named “Where There Are Nine” after a famous saying Ginsburg once made when asked will there be enough women on the Supreme Court.

The new brew is set to debut on March 29th at the Sam Adams Taproom.

The beer itself, a Belgian Bruit IPA, was brewed with a special blend of hops created by the Pink Boots Society (a non-profit organization aiming to support women in the brewing industry) alongside “hop purveyor Yakima Chief” in celebration of International Women’s Day earlier this month, according to an events page cited by the The Boston Globe.

Sam Adams also wrote that the brand had originally wanted to name the beer “Brut Bader Ginsburg,” but its “legal team, uh, dissented.”

By Matt Couch

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