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Advisers who are helping former Vice President Joe Biden with his potential 2020 presidential campaign have a certain running mate in mind.

According to Axios, Biden and his aides are considering Stacey Abrams, the failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate who has not conceded her elected loss and is around $200,000 in personal debt.

The report suggests that Biden’s team is worried about his age and doesn’t want voters to view the 76-year-old as “just another old white guy.”

But more importantly, why would Biden chose someone with so much baggage to potentially serve as his vice president if he runs and wins in 2020?

Abrams lost her bid for the governor of Georgia against Republican Brian Kemp last November in a race that garnered national attention.

Despite losing to Kemp 50.2 percent to 48.8 percent, Abrams has yet to concede the election and accused Kemp — without any evidence — of suppressing black voters.

One main point Kemp pushed during the election was that Abrams owes around $200,000 in debt.

His argument, of course, was that Abrams should not be in charge of Georgia’s finances when she can’t even handle her own.

Here more from a Yahoo report on Abrams massive personal debt:

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