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According to the newly released deposition an aide to Senator John McCain gave the unverified dossier to Buzzfeed, as well as about a dozen reporters in Washington during the presidential transition.

A Florida court has unsealed records in a defamation suit against Buzzfeed. According to Catherine Herridge of Fox News.

For nearly two years David Kramer who was with the state department refused interviews about the dossier and his involvement.

The dossier came to Kramer at a Canadian Security Conference he claims.

The Dossier of course was funded by Fusion GPS and Glenn Simpson. Kramer told the court that he feels he was singled out by it’s author former British Spy Christopher Steel to lend credibility to the democratic funded opposition research.

“I think they felt a senior Republican was better to be the recipient of this rather than a Democrat because if it were a Democrat, I think the view was it would have been dismissed as a political attack.”

In a declaration to the court the former head of the FBI’s intelligence division Bill Priestap says that the FBI got the first 33 pages of the Dossier from Senator John McCain in December of 2016.

The declaration also confirms that President Obama was briefed on the contents of the Dossier in January of 2017 about a week and a half before President Trump’s inauguration.

Holy Sh*t!

By Matt Couch

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