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This is by far and away the damnedest thing that we’ve ever seen. Ilhan Omar seen in the video says she ‘took a terrorism class’ in college. But that’s only the half of it.

What’s more disturbing is that she smiles and gets giddy about saying “Al-Qaeda”, as well as being pleased at noting how someone who says “Al-Qaeda” squares their shoulders in proud-ness of it. She seems to share that proud-ness. Sixty to ninety percent of communication is non-verbal.

It’s absolutely disgusting how she gets excited about how the professor stood tall when he said “Al Queda.” She then went on to speak about how when people say America it’s sad because they don’t get prideful like that.

This video was nothing more than praise for Al Queda and Hezbollah, absolutely sickening America. Watch, and as always let us know your thoughts.

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