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Cory Booker was asked the question that many Democrats and Republicans are being asked in Washington, D.C. this week. What’s up with Ilhan Omar’s remarks towards Jewish people?

Booker was asked “Regarding the controversy surrounding congresswoman Omar” and Booker immediately goes into I’m not going to answer that in front of the cameras mode.

Take a look and watch the video below.

The Democrats refuse to condemn Ilham Omar’s Anti-Semitic remarks. Omar continues to make remarks against the people of Israel, and Jewish people in general. The Democrats continue to make excuses for her.

They absolutely refuse to, they won’t even talk about them. They’re now even trying to turn her into the victim of Islamophobia, it’s quite insane really.

They aren’t going away, and she’s not going to stop folks. We’d love to hear your comments below, what do you think of Ilhan Omar’s remarks?

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