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Hoda Muthana, the Alabama woman who left America to join ISIS and wants to come back to the United States, is not done fighting.

Legally, things aren’t looking good for Muthana either. And now, she claims her ties to terrorism were “just a phase.”

A federal judge recently denied her request to consider her case on an emergency basis.

Check out what the Washington Times reported.

An Alabama woman who joined the Islamic State has lost the first round in her legal fight to return to the U.S. with her toddler son.

A federal judge in Washington denied a request to consider Hoda Muthana’s case on an emergency basis. That means she won’t be able to immediately leave a refugee camp in Syria and fight her citizenship claim inside the U.S.

But Judge Reggie Walton did say the 24-year-old woman’s lawyer made a “valid argument” for her right to citizenship during a hearing Monday.

The ‘ISIS wife’ in recent weeks has been stating that she deserves to come back home and has also used her spotlight to attack Trump, claiming that the president doesn’t know how the rule of law works. She sounds a lot like a Democrat to me!

In an interview with NBC, Richard Engel asked Muthana about a tweet she posted: “There’s one tweet in particular where you called on Americans to do drive-by shootings. To rent a truck and drive over people spilling their blood; you say Memorial Day, Veterans Day, go out and do it.”

Her response: “It was just a phase.”

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