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The check that Jussie Smollett wrote to the Osundairo brothers has been made public.

Sources close to Smollett told ABC News the actor was starting to train for an upcoming music video titled “Don’t Go,” in which he had to appear shirtless. ABC News obtained a calendar entry of Smollett’s that indicates the video was scheduled to be filmed Feb. 23.

The $3,500 check was $600 per week for the workout plan, plus $100 per week for the nutrition plan, over five weeks, a source close to Smollett told ABC News.

ABC News also obtained the text messages. They were first released however by TMZ.

Some liberals are already trying to claim that Jussie didn’t do it… Right, the Osundairo brothers just bought red hats, ski masks, rope, and were friends with him, and just did it for the hell of it? If people would orchestrate a hoax like this, you don’t think they’d plant text messages like this also?

My God people have never investigated anything, and have no clue how this works. This is what’s wrong with America, and oh by the way gullible isn’t in the dictionary 🙂


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