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Former Attorney General Eric Holder took to Twitter on Tuesday to voice his support for removing the Electoral College.

The Colorado governor is going to sign a bill aimed at bypassing the Electoral College (which is unconstitutional by the way) and Holder just couldn’t wait to comment on it.

Holder said “A good reform measure to support. Change the Electoral College by having a state’s electoral votes to go the national popular vote winner – not the person who won the state.”

Hey Eric, I hate to break it to you but we are not some filthy mob rule democracy. Why would you wish something so evil??!?

Perhaps Eric should worry more about Fast and Furious and less about trying to steal votes from hard working Americans in middle America?

You just disenfranchised several states including Oklahoma, your voice is no bigger just because you have more illegal voters.

Our founding fathers wanted us to be a constitutional republic, we are not a democracy Eric. They did that because of tyrannical people like yourself.


One thought on “Eric Holder Wants to Abolish the Electoral College”
  1. So, only 3 states and their cities elect all future Presidents of the United States of America.

    I’m sure ALL the rest of the nation, that does most of the work, moves most of the goods, and grows most of the food will be just fine with that…

    …WORTH NOTING – Those states and cities are restricting gun ownership to all their citizens. Everyone else is (rightly) rmed to the teeth… I mean… what could go wrong? LOL!

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