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Shocking Video from a Norman, Oklahoma police officer shows him scramble for his life when a gun is pulled on him at point blank range.

A Norman man who was shot by a Noble police officer in December has been charged with a felony in Cleveland County District Court.

According to an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) affidavit, Noble Police Officer Joshua Lesher stopped Lewis Dec. 18 in the 400 block of North 2nd Street, while he was riding through Noble on a motorcycle with another individual, who Lesher said appeared to be underage and was not wearing any protective equipment.

During the traffic stop, Lesher claimed Lewis said his name was Carl Huff. Police dispatch was unable to verify the name and date of birth Lewis gave Lesher.

As Lesher was about to place Lewis in handcuffs, Lewis allegedly brandished a firearm from inside his jacket and pointed it at Lesher’s face.

Lesher then drew his firearm and shot Lewis three times.

Lewis was first transported to Norman Regional Hospital on Porter Avenue and then to the OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City. He was later released. Lesher was not injured.

During an interview with an OSBI agent, Lewis said he opened his jacket to show Lesher that he had a gun.

Lewis’ passenger, who has been identified as Keith Boyd Krebbs, of Sulphur, told the OSBI agent that as Lesher and Lewis were walking away from the motorcycle, Lewis pulled a gun, pointed at Lesher, but did not shoot.

Krebbs said he had never known Lewis to carry a gun until the day of the shooting.

Oklahoma court records show that the month prior to the incident, Cleveland County District Judge Thad Balkman issued a bench warrant with a $100,000 bond amount for Lewis for failing to appear in court on a felony armed robbery charged.

Lewis is scheduled to appear before Balkman Feb. 20 for a disposition in that case.

Credit to The Normal Transcript for the story.


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