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This is absolutely sickening, and typical of the radical left.

According to Law Enforcement Today, a thin blue line flag was created and donated by Connecticut police officer was removed from its display in the State Capitol this week as Democrats demanded that it be taken down.

This officer makes wooden Thin Blue Line flags in honor of men and women who protect and serve their communities.

He donated the flag to the SCPD, and those officers got permissions to get the flag mounted at the Connecticut State Capitol building in honor of the Officer Down Memorial Tunnel.

A group of Black and Puerto Rican caucus members reportedly got together and lodged a formal complaint about the flag, and had it removed.

The Public Information Officer released the following statement.

“The Connecticut State Capitol Police Department submitted a request to fly a thin blue line flag in the Legislative Office Building/Capitol Building concourse; this area is set up as a law enforcement memorial.  The request to display this flag was to remember those officers who died in the line of duty and their families.  The request was approved by Legislative Management and was hung.  On February 20, 2019 the flag was removed.  Any further questions about its removal should be directed to Legislative Management.”

The idiots in the complaint said that the flag stands as an opposition movement to Black Lives Matter. Wait, what? You just can’t make up this level of stupidity. Only in a liberal state can you give more of a crap about a radical activist group than fallen police officers.

“In the context of history behind it a lot of my members expressed a lot of concerns especially in this building,” said Rep. Brandon McGee, (D) chairman of the Black & Puerto Rican Caucus.

“We are not anti- you know – police; we support our men in blue but we also know that given the history around black people, people of color with respect to this particular issue. I just think it was necessary to share our concerns with our leadership,” McGee finished.

You can read more from our friends at Law Enforcement Today


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