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Kamala Harris was one of many Democrat politicians to jump to conclusions on the Jussie Smollett story.

We were on top of this story from day one. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you why? Several members of our team are from Chicago. They reached out to me immediately and said “Matt, this doesn’t pass the smell test.”

They explained to me that no one would be on Lower Water Street at 2AM in -10 weather in Chicago. They explained that Water Street is where scenes from the movie Batman The Dark Knight was filmed, other things I wasn’t aware of.

But individuals out in -10 degree below weather screaming “This is MAGA country, wearing red MAGA hats in Chicago on Lower Water Street, just not even a possibility.

Today reporters caught up to Senator Kamala Harris, who’s running for President in 2020. She called the Smollett Hoax a “modern day lynching.” Watch how she reacts below.

Harris, still not willing to condemn Smollett, even though Chicago Police say he has switched from a victim in the case to a suspect. The two Nigerian brothers have rolled over on him faster than you can snap your fingers.

I wonder when the Democrats will finally admit they were wrong?


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