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I’m just going to jump in full-bore here! Donald Trump is the best, most accomplished president we have had in decades! Trump quite possibly surpasses Reagan simply due to the insurmountable obstruction and endless vitriol thrown his way.

The job market is the best it’s been in a very long time, tax cuts across the board, consumer confidence is high, useless regulations have been scrapped, Obamacare mandate is gone, the nonsensical Paris Accord has been abandoned, positive trade deals on the horizon, peace talks between N. and S. Korea, pulling out of Syria…..the list goes on – and on – and on!

Donald Trump has tried to shrink government, streamline policies, get our troops out of endless conflicts, and is concerned with the sovereignty of our nation. Surprisingly, Trump has turned out to be somewhat of a “libertarian” minded president – and I’m great with that!

Only the left with their blind hatred and complete worship of whatever the MSM feeds them are unable see all of the positives that have come from the Trump presidency so far.

Which brings me to my main topic — what can we expect in a post Trump world?

Donald Trump will not be president forever. Trump is not the end-all answer for all of our country’s woes, he’s simply the beginning of what was absolutely necessary to get the ball rolling in the right direction again.

President Trump has attempted to “right the ship” and is giving us the tools, and hopefully the drive, to keep America great. However, “righting the ship” and draining the swamp will take decades to accomplish correctly. Well – we don’t have “decades”! At best, we have until 2024. What can we expect after 2024?

If we are lucky enough to elect someone such as Mike Pence, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul or possibly a Jim Jordan – our country will still have a chance. We need to be very selective and get involved with the process. Money and power corrupts and it’s a very special individual indeed who doesn’t succumb to this phenomenon.

Rest assured, if we elect another Democrat president or a RINO, we only have ourselves to blame. It’s already time to be considering how we are going to handle America and American politics in a post-Trump America.

Any candidate who focuses on smaller government, tax cuts, securing the border and instead of indoctrination – EDUCATING OUR YOUTH – has got my vote!

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