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The radical left continues to prove who the real racists in America are over and over. They continue to attack anyone white for anything they do.

It’s amazing how according to our friends on the left, it’s okay to be racist against someone because of the color of their skin, as long as that person is white.

Why is it okay to always pick on those that are white in America? It seems to be the only group it’s truly “okay” to attack according to the media.

Let’s look at Kimmy Yam from the Huffington Post, who says she wants a breakdown of the ethnicity of those that work at Esquire, a Men’s magazine. The magazine has always been about men, you know, that group the media and the left continue to try to vilify, especially white men?

Let’s look at this kid with his blue check mark and less than 2,000 followers whom I’ve never heard of taking shots at guess who, white males?

Make no mistake about it America, the left hates anything about America that doesn’t fit their agenda of tearing it apart from the inside out.


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