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According to the 2016 documentary ‘Bible Conspiracies,’ now airing on Amazon Prime, the man described in the New Testament as “the son of God” may have been Greek ancient philosopher Apollonius of Tyan, born the 3rd or 4th year BC in Central Anatolia.

What similarities does the documentary point out? That both Apollonius (supposedly) and Jesus performed miracles, were preachers and had long beards.

That’s about it.

“He became a disciple of Pythagoras renouncing flesh, wine and women. He wore no shoes and let his hair and beard grow long,” the documentary states. 

Viewers have been quite critical of the documentary as The Daily Mail points out:

“Does not live up to its name – doesn’t reveal any Bible ‘conspiracies’ only tries to cast doubt on the Bible with no historical evidence or interviews with trustworthy experts, just pure conjecture. Too bad because there is a lot of fascinating things revealed by the Bible. I skimmed ahead and lost interest and felt mislead and couldn’t finish but it all look pretty lame.” 

“The writers of this film not only have NO actual Biblical knowledge, they quote many myths that have been not only been disproved, but are laughed at in theological circles. In this video, there are no experts, no theologians, only many rhetorical lies that are often spewed by evolutionist and atheist,” said another, via dailymail.co.uk.

Another viewer said,”Heavily Biased Opinion Piece…Not an objective analysis at all. A hodge-podge of Truths, Half-Truths, Fallacies and Unfounded Conjecture. Do not waste your time here, there are far better research documentaries on this particular subject out there,” via dailymail.co.uk.

What an absolute joke.

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