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Never one to miss an opportunity to sway public opinion by falsely reporting the news, CNN (the network who uses #FactsFirst) mislabeled Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam as a Republican on Friday during their segment showing Northam apologizing for the resurfacing of a racist photo of him in the 1984 edition of the Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook.

The photo in question shows Northam with another person holding beers. One is dressed in blackface, while the other is donning a KKK Klansman hat and robe:

Eastern Virginia Medical School 1984.

Though in Northam’s apology he doesn’t clarify which of the two men is him, does it really matter? He admitted to being one of the two men dressed up in the photo. Choosing the lesser of two evils:

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The segment ran during the nightly CNN show “Anderson Cooper 360”, hosted by Anderson Cooper, and focused on Northam’s apology more than addressing the obvious racism the photo projects.

Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) tweeted late Friday night: “CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360°” falsely claims that Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam is a member of the Republican Party Watch the Chyron at the bottom as they show the video of Northam. CNN identifies him as ‘Gov. Ralph Northam (R) Virginia'”

Northam’s apology video

Old tweets showing Kamala Harris congratulating Northam winning the VA race for governor and standing up to “hatred and bigotry” also resurfaced Friday. Tweets from Northam’s verified Twitter account in which he calls for all elected officials in America to denounce white supremacy and Nazism and tweets where Northam projects racism onto Ed Gillespie (R), whom he ran against in 2017 were redistributed throughout the Twitterverse on Friday night after the racist images of Northam went viral.

These didn’t age well.

Less than 2 years ago…

The official Twitter account for Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) also posted a short clip of the segment that aired Friday on CNN, #FakeNews included which was later retracted and deleted from the @AC360 account early Saturday morning:

“Virginia governor apologizes for ‘racist and offensive’ costume in photo showing people in blackface, KKK garb. A previous tweet had a video misidentifying Gov. Northam’s party affiliation, it has been removed and the video has been corrected https://cnn.it/2WCUhm7 “

What’s crazy is that it’s not for the advocating of infanticide that will be his undoing, it’s a 35-year old yearbook photo.

I think Mike (@FuctupMike) sums it all up in this one photo:

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