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Last week I reported on a feminist who was filmed sexually assaulting InfoWars host and reporter Owen Shroyer during the Women’s March earlier in the month. Wednesday, Shroyer announced on the WarRoom Facebook page that the female who assaulted him has, in fact, been arrested.

The DC Patriot reported:

While Infowars host Owen Shroyer was interviewing a young man at the Women’s March, a woman walks up and grabs his genitals and the crowd cheers.

The woman walks up to Shroyer and says, “So if our president can grab a woman by the pussy I can grab you by the balls,” then leans in and grabs the host’s ahhem…manhood.

Shroyer turns to the random woman and asked if her action is considered sexual assault, to which she replies, “Yes.”

Shroyer asks, “So you just sexually assaulted me?,” the woman responds, “I did assault you.” Shroyer then asks “Should you be arrested?,” and the woman replies, “Arrest me.”

Shroyer says, “I’m not going to arrest you,” to which the woman responds “There are police officers right here.” Police can be seen in the 26 second clip right over Shroyer’s shoulder.

The clip cuts off after Shroyer says, “So look at this, women have so much privilege that she can sexually assault me and get away with it!”

The assault was caught on camera during a live stream for InfoWars/NewsWars that Shroyer later tweeted out on his verified Twitter account @allidoisowen:

During the video posted by Shroyer on Facebook on Wednesday he confirmed she was arrested and the case is moving forward:

Via: WarRoom Facebook Page

Shroyer released the following statement regarding the assault on Infowars.com on Wednesday:

Courtesy: Infowars.com

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