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During an interview on Monday at Riverside Church in Manhattan with journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates, young Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated, ‘the world is gonna end in 12 years’ if climate change is not addressed. She went on to express that she felt it was ‘immoral’ for billionaires to exist in the same country where people live paycheck to paycheck trying to survive. The 29-year-old darling of the left clarified that statement saying, “I don’t think that necessarily means that all billionaires are immoral.”

Ocasio-Cortez told Coates that millennials view climate change as ‘our World War II.’

OCASIO-CORTEZ: “And I think the part of it that is generational is that millennials and people, in gen z, and all these folks that come after us are looking up and we’re like, the world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change. You’re biggest issue, your biggest issue is how are going to pay for it? — and like this is the war, this is our world war II. And I think for younger people looking at this are more like, how are we saying let’s take it easy when 3000 Americans died last year, how are we saying let’s take it easy when the end person died from our cruel and unjust criminal justice system? How are we saying take it easy, the America that we’re living in today is dystopian with people sleeping in their cars so they can work a second job without healthcare and we’re told to settle down. It’s a fundamental separation between that fierce urgency of now, the why we can’t wait that King spoke of. That at some point this chronic reality do reach a breaking point and I think for our generation it reached that, I wished I didn’t have to be doing every post, but sometimes I just feel like people aren’t being held accountable. Until, we start pitching in and holding people accountable, I’m just gonna let them have it.”

Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) tweeted the clip:

Just a few hours later, Ocasio-Cortez appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS where she discussed her first three weeks in office while eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in the flavor Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream.

During the show, Colbert brings up AOC’s clapback game on Twitter, where she explained how she decides who to respond to on the social media platform. Basically, if you are someone that Twitter has verified or she’s “hangry”, then you might be in trouble.

“If you have a blue check, if you’re in my mentions, if you’re being sassy in a way that I think is unjustified, and if I haven’t eaten in two to three hours,” AOC explains.

Colbert later asks the Democratic Socialist directly how many f**ks she gives, respectfully of course.

“I want to ask this question in a respectful manner, knowing also that you’re from Queens, so you will understand this question. On a scale from zero to some, how many fucks do you give?”

Ocasio-Cortez takes a moment and responds, “I think it’s zero.”

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