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The Mysterious Death of Lori Klausutis, An America First Media & Investigations Report:

From 1995 until 2001 Joe Scarborough, 54, served as a U.S. Congressman in Florida. Lori Klausutis worked as an aide to the Republican congressman.

July 19th, 2001 Lori Klausutis was found dead inside his office of Joe Scarborough. Her body was discovered by a couple who wanted to speak to Klausutis about a work permit issue they had.

Scarborough’s office released the following press release on Klausutis’ death:

“My staff and family are greatly saddened by the loss of Lori Klausutis. I know Lori will be missed by the thousands of citizens who regularly contact my office to seek assistance with a variety of problems. May God grant Lori’s family the grace, comfort, and hope that will get them through this difficult time,”

Scarborough’s press secretary, Miguel Serrano also stated that Klausutis had known prior “health conditions” but didn’t provide specifics when questioned. Now Serrano said this, but according to her family she had no health condition. So why would Serrano say she did? But her own family is saying she didn’t?

Now the story doesn’t end there, an autopsy was done by the medical examiner but the said M.E. is none other than Dr. Berkland, now for those who might not know, Berkland was an M.E. who’s medical license in the state of  Missouri was revoked in 1998 as a result of him reporting false information regarding brain tissue samples in an 1996 autopsy report.

Then he moved to Florida in 1997 and in July 1996, Berkland was suspended from his position as Medical Examiner in the State of Florida.  Yet in  2001, he was issuing reports on Klausutis’ death that were questionable if not outright false.

Berkland at one point said “We know for a fact she wasn’t whacked in the head because of the nature of the injury,” Berkland said, downplaying the woman’s injury.

Then on Sept, 1st 2001 Dr. Berkland released the autopsy report of Klausutis’ death an 18-page document stating he wanted to “extinguish the fires Of speculation” surrounding the case.

Reiterating his previous claims the report stated that Klausutis had “died from striking her head on the edge of a desk in the office. The fall that caused her to strike the desk was likely triggered by an undiagnosed heart condition known as floppy mitral valve disease, which is typically marked by abnormal heart rhythms.”

Berkland noted his report was backed up by two people, including a postal worker and co-worker of Klausutis a woman identified as Tiffany Bates, both said she told them she was “anxious and did not feel quite right” prior to her death.

He was then fired in 2003 for not completing autopsy reports.

Further the man was arrested in 2012, for storing human body parts in a Florida storage unit in containers  filled of formaldehyde and methyl alcohol.

So what we have is an M.E. who has been known and in fact fired for lying on autopsy reports saying these things, and shouldn’t have been involved with this case in the first place.

Sadly this case was hardly covered on news networks due to the fact that 9/11 happened not long after. And not talked about again.

This is a case America First Media has been looking over, and still is in fact. If you have any information about this case please reach out to America First Media & Investigations.

Josh Flippo is one of the founders of America First Media & Investigations and a contributor for the D.C. Chronicle News Group. Follow Josh on Twitter @Jflippo1327


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