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This is JUST IN: Covington Catholic High School “may sue” Mainstream Media outlets for spreading “Fake News” about their students allegedly “harrasing a Native American veteran.”

One of the students wrote a response to the Mainstream Media’s fake report on what happened during the incident.

The student writes “You have probably seen or heard of the video of students wearing MAGA gear and supposedly ‘harassing,’ ‘bothering,’ and ‘jeering at’ a Native American veteran. This is not true and take entirely out of context. I am a student at Covington Catholic and was present at the occurrence.”

“Here is what truly happened: Every year, my school attends the March for Life in DC and afterword tours the city. Our chaperones and teachers told us to be at the Lincoln Memorial at 5:30 to be ready for the buses to pick us up. 5:30 came around and we were all gathered at the Memorial. As we are an all-male school that loves to get hyped up (hence our cheer sections name “Colonel Crazies”), and as we have for year prior, we decided to do some cheers to pass time. In the midst of our cheers, we were approached by a group of adults led by Nathan Phillips, with Phillips beating his drum”

“They forced their way into the center of our group. We initially thought this was a cultural display since he was beating along to our cheers and so we clapped to the beat.”

“He came to stand in front of one of my classmates who stood where he was, smiling and enjoying the experience. However, after multiple minutes of Mr. Phillips beating his drum directly in the face of my friend (mere centimeters from his nose), we became confused and started wondering what was happening.”

“It was not until later that we discovered they would incriminate us as a publicity stunt. As a result, my friend faces expulsion for simply standing still.”

You can read the rest of the students recollection of what happened above.

In the above video, one of the Native America Veterans says “White people go back to Europe, where you came from.” Funny, you won’t find this anywhere on the Mainstream Media, now will you?

As you can see there is overwhelming evidence that the Mainstream Media and the radical left have again LIED to America.

The kids were there first, the Native Americans walked into their cheering rally, they beat drums in their faces, and they said “White People go back to Europe where you belong.”

But of course, the media has blamed these young kids from a Christian school. Why are any of us surprised?

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