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Aladdin is coming back to the big screen, this time with live action for the first time ever. With a star studded cast, that features Will Smith as the genie.

Aladdin is one of those movies that you just know the music, and you know the lines, and you don’t know how, but you do.

Will Smith is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly Magazine, in human form he says. Smith noted that his character will be in CGI form, unless he’s in disguise in the upcoming movie.

Some fans however were not as receptive to Smith as the Genie as others, as seen in this tweet below.

Regardless of what most of America thinks on Will Smith as the Genie, the movie is going to be a blockbuster. It’s one of the greatest Disney classics of all time, combined with a Hall of Fame Actor, it will smash the box office.

Being a Dad with three kids, I can honestly tell you I’m truly looking forward to this one. Life is short and fickle, try to get out and love, live, and enjoy my friends.

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