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Another mysterious piece of the “Stefan Halper” puzzle: Why did Deborah Jeane Palfrey, aka “DC Madam”, have Stefan Halper’s phone number?  Yes, the same Stefan Halper that we recently outed as receiving foreign funds in his DoD ONA Contract, the contract suspected as the financial vehicle to spy on President Trump’s campaign.

(You can read more about “The Craziest Part of #Spygate You’ve Never Heard Abouthere)

To be absolutely clear, the phone number was found posted on the website Above Top Secret — the author claims that it is a direct copy/paste from the list published from Deborah Palfrey prior to her death.  We’re currently trying to find additional sources.

(Note:  We won’t provide the phone number, but it is in the list for those that would like to sort.)

While it is possible that this wasn’t Stefan Halper’s phone number at the time, we’ll also note: Despite running multiple searches we weren’t able to identify anyone associated with that specific phone number that wasn’t also associated with Stefan Halper.

As a reminder, the “DC Madam” case was an extremely big deal in 2006-2007, as noted in this relatively recent piece by Vice:

“A decade ago, one of the biggest scandals to rock Washington, DC, was the revelation that some prominent lawmakers and government officials had allegedly been customers of Pamela Martin & Associates, an escort service operated by Deborah Jeane Palfrey, a woman better known as the “DC Madam.”

In October 2006, following a two-year investigation conducted by the United States Postal Inspection Service and the IRS, federal agents raided Palfrey’s Vallejo, California, home and froze her bank accounts. The government, which secured an indictment against Palfrey on money laundering, illegal mail use, and prostitution-related racketeering charges, alleged that Palfrey’s DC escort service was in fact a high-end prostitution ring that she had operated via phone and email from Northern California since 1993.”

Further yet, while reviewing documents Vice published (in response to their FOIA), the name Rudolph Contreras appears!  Rudolph Contreras has been part of a hotly debated topic regarding his approval of the FISA Warrant on General Flynn, whom is due in court for sentencing next week.  The point of contention is the approval of an application previously denied, a rare occurrence.


In terms of the “DC Madam” documents, which Vice provides for review, Contreras’ name appears as part of an FBI argument that they were not part of the criminal proceedings and (therefore) weren’t required to cooperate with the subpoena for records.  Not much else is yet known about Rudolph Contreras’ role, but an update will be provided if/when learned.

In the immediate term, these developments only add more questions, but having Stefan Halper’s phone number appear with the DC Madam’s list offers OBVIOUS concerns.  Our team knows from having our own Security Clearance reviews — sexual impropriety represents a significant risk for safeguarding our nation’s sensitive information and is often attempted by ‘bad actors’ as leverage against those that are trusted to protect them.

It is in everyone’s best interest that people like Stephan Halper – a known spook – leveraged with sexual deviancy.  Alternatively, it would be a disaster if Stefan Halper was associated with “DC Madam” in order to leverage others — a quick review of the FOIA documents shows that she was clearly attempting to extort members of our military!

We will update as more info becomes available…

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