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“The Left” is in the comfortable state where they don’t have to ask any questions… because they already have all of the answers.  Don’t take my word for it – take theirs!

For instance, when the court filing for General Flynn’s sentencing was released we saw headlines, such as, Michael Flynn appears to have come full circle.  Another read Flynn Sentencing Memo is a ticking time bomb for Team Trump

In other words – if you can make it through the alliteration without snoring – they are saying “General Flynn is a snitch” and “Trump’s going down!”

I’m not sure how David Ignatius could know that, but since it is in WaPo… it must be true!  For those that might read the memo, or it’s addendum, the only thing that becomes evident is that these people are full of $HIT!  Not clueless — they are 100% smear merchants.

There is NOTHING in the memo that suggests he talked about President Trump, at all!

If they weren’t so damn sure of themselves they could always just go about business the old fashioned way — they could simply ask the question.  General Flynn has been appropriately quiet throughout this process, but his son (Michael Flynn Jr.) expresses his opinions openly.  Couldn’t they just ask?

The problem, of course, is that they already KNOW that they won’t like the answers Michael Flynn Jr. would provide, as he has been adamant that General Flynn isn’t anything other than “Team Trump”.


Naturally, “The Left” went to Plan B — attack General Flynn’s son!

I say “naturally”, because we have seen this play many times before!  Let’s rewind the clock to 2008 when “The Left” — the defenders of anyone/everyone that isn’t an old-white-male — attacked Sara Palin, her teenage daughters & Trig, her son with special needs.

I doubt the irony was as purposeful as the alliteration, but just in case, I asked:

In the tweet I said “… deeply embedded irony”, because the very few things that we can glean from the sentencing memo are this:

  • General Flynn lied to someone on the TRANSITION TEAM
  • It caused all sorts of problems that require redactions


Humor me a guess:  General Flynn lied to some Deep-state Dipshit that thought he could dangle the top spy of the Department of Defense… who ran to the Dopes at FBI? (See what I did there?)

If I’m wrong, at least I asked — I’ll update if I get an answer.

Which brings us to the Grand Irony:

  • Out of all of the nonsense we saw in 2015 & 2016, it won’t be the shocking parts that resonate with me 20 years from now
  • What will resonate is what I heard OVER AND OVER again from the generations that have come before me… which was, “Do you know how I can tell that Mr. Trump is a good man?  I look at his kids — they are smart, successful, polite & honest!  He did a great job raising them.”

With that in mind I can say the following — General Flynn didn’t ‘snitch’ on President Trump about a damn thing and I can tell that by watching his son.

To hell with the smear merchants!


** Beat the Left Daily is a reoccurring  Op-ed, with the singular purpose of proving that we are better at Saul Alinsky than they are!

** I’m (Not Real) Brick Tamland and I’m only here, because #CNNSucks.  You can follow me on twitter @NotRealBrickT

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I'm only doing this because #CNN sucks!

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