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For the last two years sleuths have been sizing the various pieces of the #SpyGate puzzle and we have come across one that is so massive… yet hardly anyone knows about it yet.  Rewind the clock back to June 2016 for a moment & consider these remarkable “coincidences”:

Start on June 24th 

  • Glenn Simpson calls Chris Steele & requests a copy of “The Dossier”
  • Then President Obama meets with Mark Zuckerberg
  • John Podesta meets with Claire McCombs, Chief of Staff to the White House Counsel
  • John Podesta Schedules a meeting with then Vice President Joe Biden

President Obama was conducting a west coast tour which started at Stanford University and ended in Seattle.  His discussions included an entrepreneur forum with Mark Zuckerberg.  In DC, simultaneous to the forum discussions, John Podesta had a meeting with Claire McCombs.  It was also on June 24th the John Podesta scheduled a meeting with then Vice President Joe Biden.


On this same day, Glenn Simpson (Fusion GPS) calls Christopher Steel in London & requests a copy of “The Dossier” — Steele employs a courier, transporting via plane, to hand-deliver a copy to DC, as reported by New Yorker.

[Reminder:  Crowdstrike released their initial statement on June 15th, 2016 – we had only known about the ‘hack’ for NINE DAYS at this point]

June 27th:  Just in time for delivery of “The Dossier”


  • John Podesta meets with then VP Joe Biden, at Biden’s residence
  • They had company… in the form of
    • Robby Mook, Clinton Campaign Manager
    • Tom Donilon, Long-time Political Consultant to Joe Biden

This part is strange enough — why were Robby Mook & John Podesta meeting with VP Joe Biden with his long-time political consultant Tom Donilon, whom retired from Obama Administration in 2013?

If that isn’t enough, then consider this:  Obama had a scheduled meeting with VP Biden that day.



So What??

June 27th is also the day of the infamous “Tarmac Meeting” – THAT is WHAT!


What did they discuss?  Does anyone believe for a second that Mook & Podesta met with Biden & Donilon (#ahem… Biden’s long-time political consultant) to talk about the weather?

It was reportedly 110 degrees in AZ that evening — how hot was it in Biden’s Office… TWO WEEKS after Crowdstrike announced the hack?


There is more…

While all of this “coincidence” was occurring, “Guccifer 2.0”  was online asking the strangest questions about court cases (hint):


You Conspiracy Theorist!

While everyone was looking at the Phoenix Tarmac, no one noticed the curiously timed & attended meetings that were going on behind the scenes.  When we ask who knew about the tarmac meeting in advance… we need to start days in advance!  And we need to ask why Biden’s inner-circle was involved.

After all, as reported by Washington Post, Donna Brazile did say:


We know that reference appears to be tied to when Hillary Clinton fell ill at the September 11, 2016… but we also know Donna Brazile doesn’t always tell the truth while in frightening situations.

By the way, the Washington Post added the following clarification:


We simply do not believe in these types of coincidences!  Call us conspiracy theorists if you like, or have your former White House Attorney sue us — we believe there is A LOT MORE to this story!


to be continued.


** I am (Not Real) Brick Tamland and I am only here because #CNNSucks

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By (Not Real) Brick Tamland

I'm only doing this because #CNN sucks!

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