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The Left is doing it again:  “At least with George Bush Sr. we didn’t have to deal with…”

I’m tired of it – they didn’t like him then and they sure as hell don’t like him now!  When then President Bush ran for reelection in 1992… they battered him over his only major error – he promised he wouldn’t raise taxes and he did!

Let that permeate — his one major flaw was that he did what Democrats do all the damn time — he raised taxes!

And they smeared him for it…

Let the man rest in peace you savages!


** Beat the Left Daily is a reoccurring  Op-ed, with the singular purpose of proving that we are better at Saul Alinsky than they are!

** I’m (Not Real) Brick Tamland and I’m only here, because #CNNSucks.  You can follow me on twitter @NotRealBrickT

By (Not Real) Brick Tamland

I'm only doing this because #CNN sucks!

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