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Democrat Elizabeth Warren has been laying low after the epic implosion of her “proof” that she indeed had Native American heritage, a key stumbling block in her path for the 2020 nomination and a steel cage death match with President Trump.

The Massachusetts progressive was the subject of a controversial Boston Globe story touting the results of a DNA “test” conducted by a Stanford University professor, who claimed to have found “strong evidence” that supported Warren’s story about her ancestry.

But the story immediately began to deteriorate with the paper quickly moving to correct their bombshell due to a mathematical “error” that put the senator’s percentage of Indian blood at 1/1024 percent, which was also quickly mocked by her nemesis Trump and even earned the criticism of some of her allies.

There were those who even believed that the story and Warren’s promotion of it only to see it blow up in her face would destroy any hopes that she harbored of becoming the nation’s first female president.

Now she’s back and she’s back with a vengeance.

In a speech that was so filled with angry demagoguery that it would be a perfect fit for an early 1930s German beer hall, the woman who Trump has affectionately nicknamed “Pocahontas” all but declared her candidacy.

The warpath ran through American University where she whipped out shovels of bloody red meat to an adoring crowd and as she accused Trump of “cozying up” to white supremacists and inspiring “domestic terrorism” in an example of the sort of irresponsible rhetoric that the left has embraced that is increasingly dangerous and could end up with people being killed over their political views.

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By Matt Couch

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