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Operation Naughty Not Nice has busted over 100+ Child Trafficking Suspects according to the local Tampa ABC Affiliate.

Detectives with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office have arrested more than 100 suspects during an undercover investigation focusing on human trafficking.

Detectives conducted a six-day Human Trafficking operation from November 27 to December 2. Detectives focused on prostitutes posting online advertisements as well as “johns” seeking female prostitutes online.

Undercover detectives posted fake ads or profiles on social media platforms, websites, and mobile phone applications, posing as prostitutes or those soliciting prostitutes. Some of the detectives found profiles and online ads posted by prostitutes and responded to them.

A total of 103 arrests were made. Fifty-four of the arrests were for those who advertised as prostitutes online. Twenty-nine of the arrests were those who solicited undercover detectives who posted ads posing as prostitutes. Thirteen arrests were those who derive support from proceeds of prostitution and seven were taken into custody for drug charges and other offenses.

Three of the suspects arrested, Walter Leiva, Juan Loaisa and Yefri Guevara, are in the country illegally and have all be charged with soliciting a prostitute, according to Sheriff Judd. Detectives are searching for a traveler suspect who is on the run. William Welch, 49, reportedly arrived near the location to have sex with a 14-year-old girl. His vehicle was found in the area, but deputies were unable to locate him. Welch is facing several charges, including Traveling to meet a minor, Using a 2-way communication device, Using a Computer to Solicit a Child and Attempted Lewd Battery.

Charges for those arrested include soliciting another for prostitution, deriving support from proceeds of prostitution, transporting to building for prostitution and using a communication device to commit a felony.


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By Matt Couch

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