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Democrat Christopher Suprun and owner of the Green Bay Packers threatened to physically assault Parkland massacre survivor Kyle Kashuv on Friday.

Kashuv argued that people should not be banned from the social media platform because of their political ideology.

Kashuv commented the following on William LeGate’s twitter thread: “Also, you’re splitting hairs. I’m saying that political ideologies isn’t a reason to ban.”

Suprun responded, tweeting: “NO! My grandfather blew up Nazis from a B17. Im tired of having to accept right wing extremism as a “legitimate viewpoint.” I’m done with Nazis who attack, threaten, harrass, or bully. Their time is over. We are not scared. It’s their time to be scared.

Kashuv then hit back, tweeting “Your grandfather sounds like a great man. It’s a shame you didn’t follow in his footsteps.”

Suprun then responded, tweeting “Well say when sonny. I aint hugging Nazis. I’m horsewhipping them…whether it’s you, SKing, or any of the other jackasses who think you can spread your racism, xenophobia, and fear in MY country. We’re going to . is coming.”

Kashuv then responded, tweeting “This clown just threatened to beat me with a horsewhip and called me a Nazi. Waiting for the media to pick up on his “bullying” of a Parkland survivor. I was told this was very very bad. Or does it only apply to certain of my classmates?”


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