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A new caravan has formed in El Salvador and migrants who are supposedly living in unsafe conditions – something one must meet to claim Asylum – have been seen using smartphones to organize on social media.

The Salvadoran migrants have used Facebook and Whatsapp to communicate quickly with each other, to spread tips and tricks on how to safely reach the US border and get into the United States.

“I found out about the caravan on Facebook. Someone posted a link in a WhatsApp chat,” a 38-year-old mother with two kids told AFP.

Migrants from El Salvador have to pass through Guatemala and then Mexico to reach the US border. They will pass through two countries which could offer them a safe haven if they were truly fleeing violence.

The migrants however, refuse asylum in Mexico and Guatemala, because they want free medical care, housing, welfare, and food stamps that the US government will provide them by means of the Democrats.

AFP reported:

As a group of migrants prepare to form a new caravan to set out from El Salvador for the promised land of the United States, eager participants exchange messages over social media.

How will they cross the border? What should they bring? Mothers and their children, youngsters fleeing violent gangs, men hoping to find a way to feed their families: the caravan attracts all sorts.

As soon as one caravan leaves, plans for the next one swamp social media. Hundreds of interested parties fire off questions, engage in discussions or share their hopes and fears.

“My aim is to reach the United States. In the caravan, no one will be able to touch me,” said one rasping voice in an audio post on a chat for the last caravan to leave El Salvador.


Thousands of Honduran migrants from the first caravan are currently camping out in Tijuana, Mexico.

Hundreds of migrants stormed the border at the San Ysidro port of entry on Sunday and the US responded with tear gas and pepper balls.

According to The Epoch Times, the migrants are planning to wait until 20,000 migrants have arrived in Tijuana to storm the San Ysidro vehicle lanes.

While social media companies are busy shadowbanning, suspending and deplatforming Americans for supporting President Trump, they happily allow Central Americans to plan their invasion of the US on their apps and services.

Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin slammed the 2nd caravan of smartphone-using migrants headed to the United States, tweeting “The most social media-connected, poverty-stricken migrants ever!”


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