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Florida has turned midterm elections into a whirlwind of recounts, controversy, and potential corruption. A machine recount in Florida saw 8 million ballots and finally confirms that Republican Ron DeSantis has defeated Democrat Andrew Gillum by a vote score of 4,075,445 for DeSantis and 4,041,762 for Gillum, per a report on USA Today.

It took a machine recount to show more results and help determine who the next governor of Florida will be. After the machine recount, it showed that Democrat Andrew Gillum had only gained ONE vote extra in his race against Republican Ron DeSantis. The recount didn’t go as Gillum and fellow Democrats might have planned. He refuses to concede, despite the recount.

DeSantis’ lead is enough to avoid a manual recount, while two other elections will continue with a manual recount.

Sun Sentinel stated, “The U.S. Senate and agriculture commissioner races are headed to manual recounts, results of which are due to the state by noon on Sunday. Certification of the official election results is scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday.

In the governor’s race, the recount showed that Democrat Andrew Gillum trailed Republican Ron DeSantis by 33,683 votes, a net gain of 1 vote for Gillum from the unofficial results reported last week. The margin was 0.41 percent out of more than 8 million votes cast, outside the 0.25 percent threshold needed for a manual recount.

Although the lead appears insurmountable, Gillum would not concede and called for counting to continue.”

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By Matt Couch

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