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America is such a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic and awful country that people regularly make the arduous trek in an attempt to get to our border.


Ok seriously – if you believe what you are seeing here – does the word “lemming” mean anything to you?

Let’s analyze this:

All of the sudden, at this particular point in time, mere weeks prior to the midterm elections, 4000-5000 people decided to get together en-masse and walk nearly 1700 miles to the U.S. Many of these individuals wearing flip-flops with absolutely NO money or resources for sustenance.

Proceeding in a tightly grouped, semi-orderly fashion, the mass of immigrants resemble something akin to people who are being “herded”.

The fake MSM wants you to have a so-called “heart”, yet they won’t examine vital logistics involved in moving this many people via foot.

How are the road directions provided? Are the roads generally closed while the masses proceed through? I’m certain dirt-poor people, often with little to no resources, are equipped with iPhones and GPS – right?

Where do 4000 people crap? Are they being donated food, and if so, by who?

As if Mexico doesn’t have a southern guard, they send soldiers via airplane, (ok – that part is actually believable). However, they only sent a couple hundred to hand-tackle thousands. By nobody’s surprise, these soldiers are quickly overpowered in what appears to be an Emmy Award winning Democrat production of the game “Red-Rover-Red-Rover” – insert eye-roll here.

Forget about the glaringly suspicions timing of this event. Forget about the obvious production value and optics of this event. Forget about the fact that refugees tend not to travel in nicely grouped masses fit for a group “MSM selfie”.

The fact is, these people more than likely received a small stipend to begin their long, sometimes dangerous journey. These people are simply “extras” in a never-ending production propagated by the higher powers that be. These people are being used!

Yes, I realize many are in fact desiring to escape poverty and violence – and for this reason alone – these people can be easily exploited! Again, these people are being used – used for political “brownie points”.

Whoever is responsible, not only for exploiting these people, but also doing it for quite obvious Geo-political reasons….may they take a long walk off of a short pier – over a flaming volcano!

FYI: It is roughly 1700 miles from Honduras to the closest U.S. border. If they trek 25 miles a day, (I know that’s a stretch), it would take them about 68 days to arrive. Should they arrive weeks or days sooner – they were provided transportation! Just something to consider.

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